The sun also rises: Zor-Raiden and the Sun Industries Building

Imagine you’re a mid-level pencil pusher for a global corporation.You spend your days staring at spreadsheets, shuffling reports, counting the moments until your next break so you can enjoy some of the mediocre coffee the company provides. Now, imagine the building shudders as an enormous creature from another world touches down two blocks away, screeches a hideous cry that echoes between the high-rises, and you – for a moment – fear for your life, until an alert light blinks on the board. You can hear the whine of the subterranean machinery. The staff carpark shudders and panels slide open. Blindingly fast, a giant humanoid vaults into the sky and lands, impossibly light, on the courtyard outside. You nod and go back to your monthly data analasys. Zor-Raiden has been activated, and all will be well.

Zor-Raiden is the second “monster” for the Shadow Sun Syndicate. I say “monster”, but really, look at that dynamically heroic pose, the clean lines of that high-tech armour. The Shadow Sun Syndicate may be driven by corporate policy, but are they reallyevil?

Perhaps more than any of the other Monsterpocalypse monsters, the Shadow Sun Syndicate is well suited for cosplay. Polyhedron Cosplay, MinkTheSatyr, I’m looking at you 😉

The forearm blades are the only metal components, each identical, and with an elogated key to slot into the forearms. Translation, there’s plenty of good contact surface to make for a solid connection.

The forearms secure nicely and, frankly, even without the forearm blades Zor-Raiden looks ready to scrap.

Blades attached, and he’s ready to take someone’s eye out. Which could prove a problem if he’s facing the Martian Menace, given that they don’t strictly speaking have eyes on their spaceships…

The Sun Industries Building supports the units of the Syndicate through a network of tunnels and teleporters. The ribbing also provides some great options for glow effects if you’re so inclined, or you can keep it simple with a basecoat and a wash for great definition.

The twin columns of the Sun Industries Building have no visible way for someone on the higher levels of either spire to get across to the other. I surmise they’ve got closed-circuit teleporters and they’re hoarding the technology.

Lost pal and Twitch painter Nekuraizou knocked out the Sun Industries Building in short order (pictured here with Zor-Maxim), and is currently working on Zor-Raiden (among other things). You can follow his painting adventures over at Travis Paints Less Good – Linkies below!

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