Tick Tock, the Clockatrice

I wrote about the Clockatrice back in November when we first saw the digital sculpt. It looked super cool, and my own love of the cockatrice as a mythical beast kicked in, wrapped up memories of seeing Tick Tock in the 1985 Return to Oz movie (yes, I’m that old), ensured that this is one model I was really looking forward to getting my hands on. I’m not disappointed. Tick.

Six components for your clockwork chicken! Tock.

A panoply of blades and gears, along with an assortment of plates and rivets. Tick.

Metal legs lower the center of gravity, while a resin tail counterbalances and leather (or gingham tablecloths, whatever) stretches to make vanes. Tock.

Plug and play tail hides the Clockatrice’s lucky number. Tick.

A fine feathered fellow indeed! Wings absent until painting is underway. Tock.

[Sings]He is the very model of a modern clockwork cockerel, his animation’s stilted, jilted, just a little comical. A gaze that petrifies if you believe the mythological, he won’t be caught up in debate, he isn’t prone to doggerel.[/Sings] Tick.

Yon wings socket in at any angle you should choose. The Clockatrice seeks only to please. Tock.

Currrently, the Clockatrice is unpainted. Patience, my dear Losties, for Rebeccah has committed to painting her first miniature, and she will soon be applying paint to model.

Grab yours from your FLGS or preferred online retailer, and paint it up quickly so that she can seek inspiration from your labors!