Something Old, Something New: Garryth2 and Deneghra0

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue… it’s a marriage of concepts and creeds as Ios and the Nightmare Empire seek the death of all the round-ears. Well, it would be if we had something borrowed and something blue. Instead we get confused as to which of these two models – Garryth, Eye of Vengeand, and Warwitch Initiate Deneghra, counts as the “Old” and which counts as the “New”.

Garryth is a grumpy old elf in either of his versions, while this Deneghra – the fourth version – is young, as this is Cryx’s poster girl from before she became a warwitch in her own right. Hence, Garryth is Old, and Deneghra is New.

But this incarnation of Garryth – Garryth2 – is later in the timeline that Garryth1, so he’s the new, while this is a Deneghra from before even Warmachine Mk1’s point in the timeline – Deneghra0 – so she’s the old.

In the end, they’re both new models, so let’s have a look at the kits.

Deneghra comes in four pieces – body, arms, and her trainee witch barbs.

A nice clean cast, I think one of my favourite little touches is that the horns on her helm aren’t fully developed yet. They still curl to frame her face, but they’re much less prominent than her later versions. I wonder if part of the final exams to be a fully-fledged warwitch involve hunting a minotaur for new horns…

The witch barbs – thankfully a single component – have a shaped square socket to help keep them aligned. The fit against the back was perfect. The arms are socketed as well, though I’ll note that the right arm, held vertically, can pivot.

Take the knives from her hands, add them to the boots, and I could totally envision her competing in figure skating tourneys.

Dramatic pose, clean sculpt, easy assembly – She’ll be a fine addition to any Cryxian army. Except the ones led by Deneghra1, 2 or 3. That’d be cheating. #TooManyDennys

Garryth1 was always one of my favourite Retribution of Scyrah warcasters. The grumpy old man with his dual pistols has put them aside, slicked his hair back and picked up Void Singer, because he wants to be able to aim at an enemy model 16″ away with a Mage Sight’d POW14 Armour Piercing round,and then he’ll sidle up to 5″ away to line up the next shot.

The detail is the sculpt is sweet, showing upgrades to Garryth1’s armour but still very much looking like the feisty old assassin we know and love.

Void Singer attaches at the elbows, with cup sockets allowing for a little play but most importantly providing solid surface contact for the joins, and – AND – having both arms already attached to the rifle, rather than having to try to align a second arm and glue it at the wrist. Good job, PP modeling crew.

Garryth, fully assembled… because there was only two components and really nothing complicated to show you.

The last thing Reinholdt sees when peering through his telescope trying to line up a target… *PEW PEW*

Garryth2 and Deneghra0 are both available through your preferred FLGS or online retailer.