Steely Dans: Steelhead Arcanist and Gunner

The Steelhead Mercenary Company has long been the gold standard for sell-swords in the Iron Kingdoms, and not only because the nifty quilted armour that is their aesthetic hallmark. Owing their loyalty to whoever’s paying and being true to a contract once signed has built them a reputation that other companies envy. Now you can add an Arcanist and a Gunner to your roster.

With a roster populated by humans, ogrun, trollkin and rhulfolk, the Steelheads are one of the most diverse organizations in the Iron Kingdoms. These two clearly just want to showoff the aforementioned quilted armour.

Looking like a one-eyed battlewizard that’d make for an excellent RPG character, the Arcanist comes in three simple pieces.

This guy looks like he’s ready to go adventuring, complete with a canteen and the Eye of Agamotto.

Arm sockets are shaped to aid in positioningm, and I’m having flashbacks to painting all the buttons on Master Holt when I see all those little studs on the cape.

Is it a staff? Is it a traffic light on a stick? One way or another, it’s going to hurt like a hurty thing when it’s swung.

Let’s face it, it’s a fantastic looking piece. Not *quite* enough to top me into starting an army of Steelheads, but he may make his way onto an RPG table…

Seriously, bonus points to someone who paints it up as a weaponized traffic light…

On the shorter end, the Gunner is a sterling example of bald, bearded, Rhulic goodness.

An engineer par excellence with a short-barrelled flame belcher, will he find his way into my Menite lists if I’m expecting to be up against huge-based models? Why, maybe so…

Attaching the pipe – because of course he uses a pipe – finishes the model. Call it right there, it’s perfect.

What? You want to see him with the helmet? Sigh. Fine. Here, his noggin’s covered now. His beautiful baldness is hidden. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Harrumph.

The Steelhead Gunner and Steelhead Arcanist are both available through your preferred online retailer, or your FLGS. Time to paint armour rivets.