Wings Ablaze: The Menite Archon

The Oblivion CID continues to trundle its merry way, taunting all and sundry with talk of Morrowan armies rising to fight the new threat of the Infernals, but let’s be honest, for many of us our interest is piqued by the Archons, manifestations of the cosmic powers lurking beyond the Immoren’s material plane. Morrowan, Menite, Thamarite, Void, Primal and Dhunian. As fascinated as I am by the implications of Rolling Earth on the Primal Archon, and acknowledging that there are CID rules and not finalized (that’s a grumble for another day), it should come as no surprise to anyone whatsoever that the Menite Archon has the lion’s share of my attention.

Armor like an Exemplar, wings of fire that remind Ashes-To-Ashlynn who real pyromaniacs are around here, and armed with a sword and flail? It’s like Vindictus found an old Zoltar machine at Coney Island and wished he was Big.

The current iteration (as of the time of writing) comes loaded with all sorts of things I love to see in a pyromaniacal manifestation of Law and Order.

  • Ashen Veil – Stand too close and the smoke and heat will get to you
  • Flame Trail – He’ll set you on fire as he walks past too
  • Soul Ward – No stealing the souls of the faithful, you naughty Thamarites!
  • Righteous Fury – Pick on his pals and get angrier
  • Swift Vengeance – Beat up his pals and he’ll come after you
  • Divine Inspiration – Roll an extra dice for melee attacks and damage, toss the lowest.

It’s a beautiful collection of abilities, backed by a sword with Dispel, and a flail, with Grievous Wounds – both of which set everything on fire, because of course they do, and there’s the option to use the flail for a 2″ Reach Thresher attack if you need to clear some infantry, or perhaps just pretend you’re a Castigator and try to set everything around you on fire.

The sheer amount of burnination the Menite Archon can unleash makes him an excellent match for the Warcasters that feed on flame – Feora2 making sure the flames don’t expire and getting full use of her Wildfire feat, and Malekus’ Raging Inferno making the fires a serious threat to higher armored models – and the idea of a Sword-And-Flails list with Vindictus, Archons and Scourge of Heresy makes me smile, but I’d be pretty happy to slot a pair of these guys into almost any Protectorate list. Any actual list building will wait until we have finalized rules, but you can be assured I’ll be looking to score a pair of these.

After all, Menoth wills it.