Best buds! Steelhead Ironhead & Scallywag

Look, I know what these models are new releases for the Steelhead subtheme and Pirates subtheme of Mercenaries for Warmachine, but I just can’t get over how perfect recent releases are for IKRPG players! Today we’re taking a peek at the Steelhead Ironhead and the Scallywag. A man in a suit of steam powered armor and a light warjack that not only dual-wields axes, but one has a gun in it. Axe-Gun!

The Ironhead – who clearly takes his faceplate inspiration from Durgen Madhammer – comes in four easy-to-assemble pieces.

Tubes and rivets – the hallmark of Iron Kingdoms technology! The Ironhead’s chassis is reminiscent of Khador’s Man-O-War suits, the best known non-arcantric steamsuits in the kingdoms thanks to the Empire’s aggressive marketing campaign and successful efforts to hide the rate at which Man-O-War suit pilots get steamed alive inside their own armor.

The enormous industrial clamp provides extra heft to move friendly models, or to clamp down on foes. The hose is a little fiddly to position – be sure to test fit the arm’s angle to make sure everything reaches.

An oversized hammer rounds it out. You grab an enemy with the clamp, and then just start pounding. It’s not a complicated life, that of the Steelhead Ironhead…

And then there’s this pile of parts. I’d forgotten how many components a light warjack could come in. Ten, in this case.

The legs pegs are a little loose in their fit to the robotic pelvis. I applied glue to both at the same time, and then held the model with the feet flat to the table til it set. There’s probably some amazing other technique out there, but meh, this worked for me 😉

Each arm is two separate pieces, allowing for some pivoting and positioning.

The plate over the top of the carapace identifies the Scallywag’s allegiance with the Talion Charter. The Skull faceplate identifies the Scallyway’s allegiance with the God of Death. You may say “Not today”, but the Scallywag may disagree.

Fully assembled, he just looks like a ball of trouble waiting to happen. Like, if Tik-Tok from Return to Oz finally decided he’d had enough of the Wheelers. Damn, that was a surreal and horrifying movie experience for a kid.

The Scallywag clearly does not do squats. #TinyRobotButt

My Scallywag was missing his base, but let’s face it, when I get around to painting it it’ll go on a Dragon Forge base anyway 😉

Both of these lads are available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. The Scallywag is bonded to Shae for you pirate players, and the Ironhead will work for the Crucible Guard, Cryx, Cygnar, Khador and the Protectorate. You know, like a mercenary 😉