Give ’em the clamps! – Hammerklak

When Monsterpocalypse first dropped all those years ago, I was all about the Terrasaurs, Tritons and Savage Swarm. Giant monsters born of Mother Nature, though admittedly when she was having a really angry day. I wasn’t particularly drawn to the massive machines of war – G.U.A.R.D.’s mecha, Ubercorp’s constructs… the Martians flitted loosely on the edge of my awareness… but it wasn’t until the relaunch and my adoption of the Planet Eaters and Lords of Cthul that I really started paying attention to the Destroyers, with the Martian Menace high on my list. That was until I heard a rumbling from below the surface, the tremors that foretold of the doom that was to come. Tunneling toward the surface, the Subterran Uprising has arrived, with Hammerklak at the helm!

The latest addition to the Destroyers agenda, Hammerklak is ready to burrow his way into your heart. Hard to pin down as he wends his way across the map, side-stepping closer and closer until he can come to grips with you up close and personal, Hammerklak wants to impress upon you the importance of heeding the threat from below the surface.

Let’s take a look at this bad boy…

Four pieces. That’s it. After gluing on all of Krakenoctus’ tentacles, Hammerklak was a very pleasant assembly.

A significant portion of Hammerklak is clearly a living bing… while we have no idea just how long his lower body auger is, but I still haveno idea how his creature performs his morning ablutions.

Each resin armm is a single piece, from organic musculature to inorganic, spinning clamps. Mandible clamps are a bonus.

A face only a mother could love. Or a star-nosed mole, whatever.

Fully assembled Hammerklak appreciates chocolate milk. It reminds him of the muddy runoff he used to drink as a young, bench-mounted drill press in his youth, but it tastes much better.

He’s either saying “Come at me, bro!” or singing “Don’t cry for me, Argentina”.

There’s still some cleanup do to, but all in all its a magnificent monster model. Easily one of my favourites from the new versions.

Nekuraizou – You know, that Travis guy – is painting cool things on his Twitch Stream, including Hammerklak.

The dark metals speak to the darkness beneath the earth, while the pallid flesh speaks to a dad bod just waiting to happen.

Are you ready to rise?