It takes ten tickles – Krakenoctus

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? What about making it stop destroying downtown Poughkeepsie? Monsterpocalypse’s relaunch has breathed new life into the game with gorgeous resin models and streamlined rules, and now? We’re seeing the second wave of factions! Not satisfied with defending the Earth with G.U.A.R.D., the Shadow Sun Syndicate and the Terrasaurs? It’s time to get fishy with the Tritons, starting with Krakenoctus!

Yes, no longer are you bound to combat the Destroyers with land-based monsters, now you can rise from the depths, grab a passing submarine as you do so in one of your enormous tentacles, and play whack-a-mole with the Subterrans.

But why, you ask, would you put aside Sky Sentinel, Armodax and Zor-Maxim fir this squiddly gargantuan? With all those tentacles, Krakenoctus is the supreme grappler! None escape his suction-cupped clutches! The only way out of his grasp is when he chooses to release you – through the air, across the map, bouncing off a building and landing on your own units! FEAR HIS TENTACLEY CUDDLES!

Let’s unbox a thing…

Ten components may make Krakenoctus the most parts-intensive of all the monsters. It’s cos he never got enough attention from his father growing up. Papa ‘Octus never came to even one pufferball game. Jerk. When you have excess limbs you can totally do an Elvis pose with your webbing. The plugs along the belly were easily shaven off; no plugs along the spine 🙂LOOKIT HIS FANTASTIC BEAK! I’m pretty sure those nodes behind the eye are supposed to be siphons, but I’m thinking they’d make great mega-barnacles…The aforementioned submarine. Given that it may well be a nuclear sub and the use Krakenoctus us going to put it to, this may be the first instance of a nuclear powered baseball bat. The rest of the tentacles and the legs are metal components, adding some weight and lowering the center of balance on the model. For the record, gluing on the metal parts annoyed me. 😉Lookit! He’s like some weird mutant parrot bat! He’s just bloody adorable! And then he was fully assembled and with that submarine in his hands he really just looks like he wants to splash around in his bathtub making submarine noises. You know, with his beak. Skrawww! Ping! Ping! Blublublub! Isn’t he just magnificent? This was also the point where I finally noticed I’d forgotten to trim the resin off the top of his head. That’s since been corrected.I’m fortunate enough to be pals with the amazing Travis, of Travis Paints Less Good, and by replicating a beautiful cuttlefish scheme, he’s proven that while Travis Paints Less Good, Travis also paints more betterer. You know, I think this is a great opportunity to help you all learn more about the absolutely amazing creatures that are cuttlefish. You know,to better help you come to terms with Krakenoctus stomping along the Jersey Shore as he does battle with the Lords of Cthul, for the fate of the planet. As cephalopods are wont to do.

Please, while considering adding Krakenoctus to your Protectors agenda for Monsterpocalypse, enjoy the following.