Moar Boom: Steelhead Artillery

“There are very few personal problems that cannot be solved through a suitable application of high explosives.” Scott Adams gave us that little kernel of wisdom, and the Steelhead Mercenary Company has taken it to heart, with the release of their Cannon, Mortar and Volley Gun. Three new artillery pieces for hire, the Steelheads have been running their crews through drills to ensure the highest quality of booms-for-hire. If you can pay their fee, they can provide the fire support.

All three artillery pieces are crewed by the same three guys, and built on the same framework. Now, this could be attributed to expert training drills making the crewmen indistinguishable in the field, or – OR! – the truth could be that they’re actually crewed by three sets of triplets. Triplets A are excellent rangefinders, triplets B are great with ammunition, and triplets C are just the best at firing.

Our spotter is a prime candidate for one of those pranks where you put black ink around the end of a telescope.

He’s also ready with a super crisp high five for anyone who needs it.

Our triggerman takes the knee, allowing for some sweet dynamics with the armoured trenchcoat as it folds over his right leg.

Shaves the side of his head… sweet moustache… John Lennon glasses. Cooler than you.

The arms being attached to the crate make the crate itself less useful as a terrain piece, but it makes for a solid pose for the guy in charge of the ammunition.

What’s in the boooooox? AMMO!!!!

The chassis and wheels are common across all three artillery pieces, but each has its own unique shielding and details. The mortar has the lowest shielding and gears to help determine trajectory.

Arcing Fire, High-Explosive and Crater highlight the potential of the Steelhead Mortar. So what if it’s innacurate?

The Volley Gun comes in a selection of pieces – two rows of barrels, ratchets to elevate. The metal circles go on the rear of the barrels, meaning the poor loader has to prep seven barrels each round. The price you pay for d3+1 shots per round.

While the Volley Gun may not punch as hard as the Cannon, the volume fire ramps up the damage output against larger bases, and Covering Fire can significantly hamper light infantry movement. An artillery piece for every purpose!

The cannon is the simplest assembly, and when I asked Gdaygirl – as a completely arbitrary third party who actually wan’t paying attention and was playing The Sims at the time – which of the three I should fully assemble, she opted for the biggest boomstick.

With the highest shielding of the three, the Cannon actually includes viewports to assist in aiming while also protecting the crewman behind it. Occupational Health and Safety!

Okay, so I got the angle of the crewman off, his left hand should be resting on the wheel, but one way or another if all fits nicely on the base and looks fantastic.

Whatever your Heavy Boomstick needs, the Steelheads are all too eager to assist, with the Volley Gun, Cannon and Mortar available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer.