Gramut’s Lock & Load 2019 Photodump

Lock & Load happened! I wasn’t there, but Lostie Gramut was on site and sent pics as he was able between getting his Warmachine nerd on. After watching the keynote (posted below) I’m keen to see more of Riot Quest at GenCon, to see how these so-called “Infernals” fare when faced with the purifying flame of Menoth, to see the Savage Swarm return to Monsterpocalypse, and I’m curious to know more about Warcaster… just where has Cyriss led humanity?

Of course, I’m still waiting to hear if one of the 30 or so Riot Quest heroes is going to be a kicky monk… but for now, let’s take a look through the pics Gramut sent.

That face you make when you know it’s behind you, but if you turn around and acknowledge it, you known damn well it’s going to bring up that $20 you borrowed last month.

Welcoming all and sundry to the store, you’d think he’d at least wear a shirt.

Meanwhile, someone decided that Agathon should be the face of the store. Isn’t trading with the Infernals what got the Iron Kingdoms into this Oblivion mess in the first place?

The MainHall is also Infernal, with Zaateroth and a horde of gribblies encouraging a horde of players.

The archons fly free in the Iron Arena

Gorghadra – a so-called “Destroyer” – welcomes players to the hobby lounge – to assemble, to paint, to create.

Meanwhile, one of the so-called “Defenders” – Defender-X specifically – invites players to combat, to beat each other up and leave their opponents armies in shambles, a pile of dead bodies and twisted metal, a testament to the destructive nature of humanity. Tell me, o’ humanity, who’s the real destroyer here? 😛

Speaking of Gorghadra, I’m pretty sure I just saw him pick that guy’s pocket…

The room starts to fill as players await the keynote.

There are infinite Matt Wilson’s and Will Hungerford’s…

Meanwhile, cast thy gaze across the MonPoc mats to see the structure we’ve watched being built on the Privateer Press Terrain instagram page.

Those Infernals, they’re really into testing out the elevation rules… that may have been removed from the game moving forward?!?

And this is what happens when you leave our oil diffuser going throughout the night. The house just melts.

Sure, it smells like patchouli, but where’s the kitchen gone? Hmm? Where’s the kitchen, Lisa?

Of course, Warmachine is played on a 4×4, so the tower section will simply loom over the finalists, uttering dread portents as they play.

Infernal-themed objectives and terrain pepper the board.

I don’ tknow what he had for lunch, but I’m pretty sure he needs an antacid.

And it wouldn’t be an Iron Gauntlet without an Iron Gauntlet. I wonder if they made its partner in preparation for next year, putting the pressure on to win back-to-back to get a matched set…

From the display cabinets, the Infernals take advantage of the overhead lighting to look even creepier than normal.

Shriekers are creepy enough already, but imagine painting each of those nodes as an eyeball…

Ashes-To-Ashlynn isn’t an Infernal, I’m pretty sure. She’s just hanging out in bad company.

“Let me in, Pike! I’m hungry!”
“You’re floating! Go home!”

Elsewhere, who’s ready to lay waste to Metroville?!?

GUARD official: “No, Steve, you can’t pilot Defender-X.”
That Steve guy: “Oh yeah, well, I’m gonna make my own giant robot! And it’ll be awesome!”
GUARD official: “Okay, Steve, whatever…
(time passes)
Cyber-Khan: (Levels Kansas)
GUARD official: “Dammit, Steve!”

And the new spokesmodels for AXE Body Spray are…

Meanwhile camera angles make Gorghadra and Rogzor look like some gestalt being.

What happens when you let Doug Hamilton run with his imagination… Zaal the Ancestral Eye

Skarre exudes sass as Sorscha1 whacks a helmet-less Doom Reaver in the back of the head

L5R Mini-Crate models on display. Who’s exicted for the Savage Worlds Mini-Crate? CONAN!!!

And then there’s the Riot Quest models. With GenCon only a few short weeks away, I’m excited to see not only what these guys can do in their own game but also to see their special rules for Warmachine & Hordes.

Rhulic pistoleer in a tricorn? Until they tell me I’m getting a Riot Quest Kicky Monk, I may have a favorite RQ champion right here…

Which is not to discredit the merits of a gobber with dynamite or a bazooka, of course.

Big thanks to Gramut for sending pics, a tip of the hat to PP for another year’s Lock & Load under their belt. Now we get to wait for next year and Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika…