Holy crud, he painted something…

Lock up your horses, hide your corned beef! It’s a world gone made, I tells ya… Painting miniatures has always been a huge part of the tabletop wargaming hobby for me. I find it therapeutic – as stressful as getting the right tone in the recesses or trying to remember the recipe you used on a model four or five years ago, it’s a different kind of stress than dealing with the twists and turns of adulting.  Now, while my old Menite army has changed hands a couple of times, the current owner is still local to the Gdaycave, and as new models are released I occasionally find myself getting a text.

The end result is a handful of models painted to match my old Menite theme – or at least, using the same blue 😉

One of the last models I painted for my old scheme was Kreoss1, who set the tone for my Exemplars. Blue armour with grey and white accents, including white faceplates on the helmets. Truth be told, Exemplars are my least favourite Menite models to paint, but let’s be honest, the bump they got with the Exemplar CID was pretty sweet.

Now, that said, the Cinerator Officers were fun to paint. I always liked the Cinerators back in the day, despite the general loathing people had for them, even if it was only because they made a decent screen for Reznik1, our only medium-based warcaster at the time. The Cinerator Officers will add some more oomph to their once-maligned Exemplar brethren.

This is the second Hand of Silence I’ve painted, the other being in my current scheme. He’s a fun model to paint, possibly my favourite cavalry model in the faction. High Exemplar Cyrenia – who conceptually has a real Joan of Arc feel for me (yes, yes, I get that Ashlynn usually holds that niche in the Iron Kingdoms – is an excellent model, if a little topheavy thanks to the metal banner. Nothing a nice Dragon Forge Design resin base won’t fix, adding a little extra weight and stability.

The real plus for me after finishing these – aside from the sense of accomplishment and achievement that comes with completing models – is that now I can get back to some personal projects and rabidly trying to meet my GenCon painting plan. Realistically I’m not going to hit my original goals, but progress is progress, and painted models are good times.

That said, first I want to finish Underchief Mire…

2 Responses to Holy crud, he painted something…

  1. Avatar Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell says:

    That hand of silence is freakin’ hawt man. I love your color scheme, you should do a lore behind it.

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      Thanks! I’ll leave the lore up to the guy who currently owns the army, they’re his models now. I should think of some lore behind the new scheme I’m using on my own guys though…