Shovels and Saddles: The Grave Ghoul & The Neigh Slayer Warhorse

It’s a Grymkin kinda week here in the Lost Hemisphere. Today we’re taking a quick look at the Grave Ghoul – freakishly tall and armed with a shovel long enough to dig a 6′ hole without having to actually climb down into it – and the Neigh Slayer Warhorse – A macabre yet comical steed for a small for a small cadre of gremlins. I find myself torn between the creepy and the cute with a number of the Grymkin models, but today’s duo both appeal.

The Grave Ghoul, as mentioned, is a very tall lad. The Exemplar Warder’s shoulder hits the Grave Ghoul at about waist height. I do question the practicality of trying to dig a hole with a lantern strapped to the top of the shovel, but I’m no expert.

Cleanly cast in resin, the skill peeking out of the satchel on his hip is almost enough to make me ignore the two bodies he’s carrying around. At least he wrapped them up first.

Channeling William H Macy, the Grave Ghoul shovels better than anyone else you know. Using that talent he can help any other model gain the Dug In status, safe from incoming blast damage, as he prowls around the battlefield. He can also use his intimate knowledge of anatomy to whisper hints and tips to his friends to allow them to reroll attack and damage rolls. He may not be the life of the party, but he’s a useful guy to have on your side.

Ben Brishcar’s brushwork highlights the creepy nature of the Grave Ghoul with pallid skin and a haunting purple lantern, in keeping with the Grymkin aesthetic.

The Neigh Slayers have always been a unit precariously balanced between funny and creepy as snot. The Gremlins of the Iron Kingdoms are comedic, but their nightmare steeds are… well, nightmarish. The Neigh Slayer Warhorse is a unit attachment to lead the charge.

The Warhorse has a leg up (or four) on the other Neigh Slayers thanks to actually having legs. The two metal halves join along the spine, with no other contact points.

The head provides some extra contact for model stability, and a single gremlin hand on the reins. Speaking of…

As a unit commander, the Warhorse grants the unit one of three rules each turn. I imagine this guy’s the one yelling them out. At his barked yelp, the Neigh Slayers can either gain Leap Frog (Annoyance and Parry), Playing Dead (Feign Death), or Tag! (Greivous Wounds).

Perched behind him on the saddle, this little fellow’s helmet showcases his desire to be a warjack, even if his ears must be folded pretty damn tightly against his head!

A lance is a must for any warhorse,and Armor Piercing will help make sure its hits count.

Stacking all three riders on the horse is a challenge. Lance-Gremlin and Shield-Gremlin can be positioned in various spots on the model; Either one can be mounted on the horse’s back, though the Lance-Gremlin is a perfect fit to hold on to the stirrup while standing on the runner.

Ben, sticking it to the man, actually wove magic to get all three Gremlins riding high on the horse’s back!

You too can ride high with the Neigh Slayer Warhorse, or dig deep with the Grave Ghoul. Expand the creepiness of your collection by reaching out to your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

I’m definitely not sitting here imagining a Grave Ghoul modded to right an evil, necrotic rocking horse. Nope, definitely not.