Swab the Poop Deck! The Swabber

Alright, you got me, I really just wanted an excuse to say Poop in a post title.  Even though the term Poop Deck doesn’t actually refer to poop (originating with the Latinpuppis, and making it into naval parlance via the French la poupe – lookit, you learned something today!), there’s definitely something being swabbed by the newest heavy warjack to join the Talion Charter and other privateers of the Iron Kingdoms, the Swabber.

The deranged engineer lovechild of Captain Ahab and a Llaelese refugee who was really keen on guns that poke through shields (see the Vanguard) , the Swabber is armed with both a harpoon and a shield cannon, making for an interesting proposition. It harpoons its target, drags it into melee range, and then… bashes it with the shield? I mean, it’s P+S15, so the shield’s not exactly a light thwack.. but with the Shield Cannon and the Harpoon as its two primary weapons, the Swabber definitely wants to be standing up on the Poop Deck, firing on its targets from on high.

A sturdy complement to the Freebooter and Mariner, complete with full amphibious capacity, the Swabber adds some heavy firepower and a measure of board control to the warjack stable for the Privateers. Also two beautifully rounded kneepads,

Seven components means the Swabber is a fairly simple build.

The torso is a lovely clean piece, with only a few channels to be cleaned off – one shoulder ball joint, the piping beneath it, and underneath the hip receptor.

The head is a  bulbous hunk of metal with an array of optic sensors. It they were spikes, the Swabber would look like it had a sea mine crammed in its neck cavity.

Both legs are metal, helping lower the model’s center of gravity. Ropes looped along the thighs add a nice touch.

The hip receptors are not shaped to help angle the feet, so you can swivel the torso to lean how you see fit. Test fit the legs to ensure the feet fill be flat against your basing.

The right arm is a dedicated harpoon gun, with the harpoon secured to the chain-driven winch by sturdy rope.

The left arm, however, has a hand holding the the shield cannon in a grip of steel. This means that, when not in conflict, the Swabber can adequately hold a broom or mop or something to keep that Poop Deck clean.

The Swabber kit is going into the Lost Hemisphere prize pool, but if you’d like to get your own, you can check in with your FLGS or preferred online retailer.