Traitors within

If you’ve been paying attention to the interwebs for Warmachine/Hordes chatter, you can’t have avoided the twitterpating about the incoming Infernal invasion, even if your interest is mainly in how Omodamos keeps his roiling smoke on a 50mm base given the enormity of his… well, self. Lost pal DarkLegacy (who does all the Twitch streaming stuff here) has been rabidly painting his Infernal models for your viewing pleasure, and information has been leaking out through social media channels, especially after the last few days.

We’ve known about the Infernals and their insidious nature since the early days of the Iron Kingdoms. Some of the very first models made by Privateer Press included Infernals, so it was only a matter of time before we saw them in force on the tabletop. As the featured nemesis of the upcoming Oblivion campaign, and the cause of the apocalypse that leads to the alternate near-future of the Iron Kingdoms represented in the upcoming Riot Quest, we’re been waiting… but it’s only been in the last couple of days that we’ve had news of just how insidious they’ve been. Characters we’ve known for years have been revealed…


Eilish Garrity – one of the stars of Richard Lee Byer’s novels, the incredibly sought after model that came with No Quarter Prime #1, and a favourite from the Undercity – has succumbed to his thirst for forbidden lore and power. Orin Midwinter, former inquisitor and really annoying mercenary/minion when I was trying to zap Hordes armies with Battle Mages – has been manipulated as an agent pushing Cygnar back into the Llaelese war.Also, his beard got quite magnificent.


Nicia’s thirst for vengeance and desire to be reunited with her deceased husband has led her to forsake her vows to Menoth and will definitely put her on Reznik’s list of people to visit next time he’s in town. Runewood’s tale is a tad more tragic, having bound himself to the Infernals in order to serve Cygnar, only to find that once bound, he no longer has a choice in who he serves.

You can, of course, read all about their stories here, and Doug Seacat’s pen has told something of Eilish’s tale in The Toll.

Will more traitors be revealed? Will we find out what foul magics, Zaateroth uses to stop that hat from snapping her neck when she turns her head? There’s some spooky Infernals to be smote. Lemme just put in a call to the Order of the Wall…