GenCon hitlist

We’re only a few short weeks away from the GenCon – one of the world’s largest gatherings of tabletop gamers, be they miniature wargamers, boardgamers, card gamers, or roleplayers, LARPers, or Gygax knows what else. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to attend for the last several years, thanks in no small part to Ninja Steve and his family, and at the end of the month I’ll be loading up the Gdaymobile and hitting the road to join over 60,000 other fans in Indianapolis. Plans are being made to meet up with people who I only ever get to see face-to-face at events like this, from online friends and other gamers to industry professionals and authors who wrote the books I cut my nerdy teeth on three decades ago.

Now, GenCon is not for the faint of heart. There’s a *lot* going on, a *lot* to see, a *lot* to do. There have been GenCon’s where it’s been three days before I’ve even found myself wandering past the painting contest entries. Having a hitlist of vendors, booths, personalities that you want to check in on is a handy tool, a little preparation to help you make the most out of your time in Indy. You may choose to sign up for events, demos and tournaments, or you may simply compile a list of things you want to check out.

Privateer Press

It should come as a surprise to absolutely no-one that Privateer tops the Gdaylist. With the Infernals dropping for Warmachine/Hordes, new releases for Monsterpocalypse, and Riot Quest spearheading the charge, you can bet I’ll be swinging by the say hi multiple times throughout the course of the convention. Getting a Riot Quest demo is a must, and I’m looking forward to checking out the new P3 colours, the P3 painting contest entries, and I totally plan to abduct Oz at some point for our traditional GenCon interview…

Ninja Division

They’ve had more than their fair share of challenges over the last several years, but visiting with John and Deke and the crew at GenCon is a highlight every year. Their resin Masterclass minis are excellent,and are fueling fulfillment on their outstanding projects. I’m excited to talk with them about Relic Knights 2.0 (Whoo Black Diamond!) and to talk about their plans from here. Also, there’s a chance they’ll have the Gnomish Excavator in stock, and SDE is still my jam, so…


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare has been a hit for Modiphius, and this year they add the RPG to their stable. I think that’s well worth a visit to chat with the crew, let alone John Carter of Mars, City of Mist, and the award-winning Tales from the Loop. Oh, and Achtung! Cthulhu, one of the best Weird War products I’ve ever seen.


Guild Ball remains one of the games that I wish I had a local player to hang out with so I could learn the damn game. I have two painted teams, for cryin’ out loud. Also, the Navigators… with the Lost Hemisphere icon being an Astrolabe rete, they’re definitely of interest. I’d also like to talk with the crew about GodTear, and then there’s the further adventures of Dungeons and Doggies…


I haven’t played Judgement, I haven’t even looked at the rules yet, and I’m not sure if I’m interested in another MOBA style miniatures game, especially with Riot Quest and GodTear on the horizon. I’m also leary of the price point to get into the game,and I’m not sure how I feel about the mixing of genres but – BUT! – it’s made by Australians, the models are freaking gorgeous and of a larger scale than the other MOBA’s on the market, and most important, pal Shoshie will be painting at their booth. That last fact alone means I’ll be dropping by.


Malifaux 3rd ed has dropped, and Wyrd will no doubt be pulling out all the stops to showcase the latest edition of their flagship game. They wrote Nicodemus out of the storyline, I mean just cos he’s dead an all, but with my trust mascot Lludu being one of their voodoo dolls, it’ll be good for him to see his home setting again. I’m also curious to check out their Wyrdscapes terrain. Do we know what the Nightmare edition is yet for this year?

Brush Wielder’s Union

A year or two into Lost Hemisphere’s existence, Simon Berman – them the social media guy for Privateer, amonth other things – worked with me to forge the foundations of Lost Hemisphere’s relationship with Privateer Press. Many other blogs and podcasts have come and gone over the years, and I long ago learned that Simon is actually an empty husk controlled by an otherdimensional entity masquerading as his beard, but the Brush Wielder’s Union is an endeavor built solely around the concept of encouraging and supporting miniature painting. One of my favourite things, combined with one of my favourite gamer peeps.

Other potentially nifty things

Will GW be promoting Warcry? Will -anyone- have the Wingspan board game in stock? Can I get another book signed by Margaret Weis or Chris Jackson? Dammit, Dave Gross, where are you? What about the GenCon pins? Can I find more weird dice? Will Broken Egg have any of the Tabletop World buildings? Gregoire at DUST USA  is stupidly charming,  and then there’s the Panda Cult Games crew. Hey, it’s been years since I picked up a new fez from Fez-O-Rama

GenCon is always full of sweet things to see, and super cool people to hang out and game with. Who, or what, is on your list?