Sekrit Projekt revealed!

Today is the Wednesday of my annual GenCon road trip, which means that the Sekrit Projekt I’ve been referring to occasionally on social media has been delivered. Sekrit Projekt came about when I wanted to do something special for Ninja Steve, who has for years now welcomed me into his home every August so that I could attend what equates to one of the Holy Grails of gamer convention experiences.

Ladies and Gentlelost, I present the Hooch Hauler.

This was the largest single model painting project I’ve personally undertaken since I painted a Stormwall for the Drop Bears and a Judicator for my old Menites. I will state, for the record, painting the Stormwall was more enjoyable. Given my general distaste for Cygnar (despite my having the Drop Bears), that should indicate how much of a chore painting this monstrosity was. Much of that comes down to the barrel itself, and that’s partly my own fault.

I don’t like priming dark colours, because my eyes suck and I lose sight of details in the blackness. There’s a metaphor there, I’m sure of it. So I prime lighter colours, and I thought I’d experiment with GW’s contrast paints. The barrel was largely painted with their Cygor Brown contrast paint, but it simply didn’t flow into the recesses how I would like, even when thinned,and I ended up going back to my beloved P3 Umbral Umber for correcting the flaws in the Cygor Brown. There are still flaws, but with the deadline for the GenCon road trip I had to call it done.

Much of the model is done with basecoats and washes, with very little highlighting,but again, the deadline had to be met. And Dammit, it’s tournament legal! Except for the basing, because I’m not sure how Steve is basing his Trollbloods. I’ll leave that to him. Overall I’m still pretty happy with it, and I’m writing this before it gets delivered, so I hope Ninja Steve is happy with it to. Oh, and as an Indianapolis local, he’s a Colts fan, hence the hastily daubed banner. Nothing to do with Ultramarines – Steve likes Tau.

Now that that’s done, let’s see what painting project hits the table after GenCon… Riot Quest maybe? More Flesh-Eater Courts? All the Holy Zealots for a Faithful Masses theme force?!?