Dungeons and Lasers

GenCon is full of wonderful projects, whether they be already available to the general public or driving interest for their launch or even just testing the waters to see if it can possibly be a thing. One of my goals this year at GenCon was to look for terrain and scenery. To say the least, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a little project called Dungeons and Lasers.

Dungeons and lasers is a modular terrain system for roleplaying games, cast in hard plastic, and suitable for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. For the next week or so, they’re also on Kickstarter. Yes, that’s a pic of a giant envelope they gave me at GenCon. Fancy!

Our Dungeons & Lasers GenCon experience started when I spotted this thing as I was wandering the halls. A multistory plastic construction for the Wolfenstein board game, I couldn’t help but notice how it’d fit into pretty much any contemporary or recent historical setting (not to mention some sci-fi settings as well).

A quick glance confirmed not only that it was modular but that, frankly, it was gorgeous.

From bricker up windows to ornate columns, it was just gorgeous and oh-so-drybrush/wash friendly. ac of those holes in the columns received wall components, and there were a variety of plugs to fill any exposed holes (though not all were plugged for the display), showcasing downspouts, gargoyles and more.

And then I turned around to see what was on their other table…

What madness is this?!? Dungeoncrawl terrain, not only with the classic stone wall and floor, but also with wooden floors and an array of wall embellishments, and -AND- sci-fi corridors! Your games of Space Hulk just for more interesting… or Paranoia, Aliens vs Predator, Nemesis, Shadowrun, Wrath & Glory… take your pick. When was the last time you played Spelljammer?

The concept is pretty simple. Pick your floor, pick your walls, clip it all together, and you’re set for a dungeoncrawl. The Kickstarter showcases the variety of sculpts available. I wonder if the wizard in my game might have a better understanding of the radius of a fireball with a 3D representation of enclosed spaces like this…

Inside the mysterious sampler envelope we find a single sprue, providing examples of the designs available, as well as a wolf holding a sword in its mouth, because why the heck not. Creature companions are a part of the kickstarter campaign, after all.

The floor pieces in the kit are a long piece showing a wooden plank floor and biotech, and a smaller piece with stonework that might be suitable to place in front of a fireplace or entryway. The floor pieces are single sided, and the small pieces in the center there are used to clip them together.

The floors clip together as shown in the first pic there. The walls in the demo sprue are double-sided, with both fantasy and tech options The piece shown in the center pic is the same piece used as the end wall in the below pic, showing stonework. The wall components all have a small lip, which clips into the side of the floor pieces as shown in the third pic.

Now, bearing in mind that I haven’t taken a hobby knife to the pieces to trim off the last pieces of sprue connections, and I’ve only pushed things together loosely, you can get an idea of how the components clip together.  I like that even though it’s not clearly delineated on each floor piece, there’s still a sense of placement thanks to subtle detailing. Each floor piece is easily mentally divided in to four pieces (especially the biotech floor at the end) making it easy to keep party marching order under control, and to sort out ranges.

I couldn’t really display it with the demo sprue, but the pieces also stack nicely, allowing for the construction of multi-tier buildings, and there are a selection of accessories including both stone and sci-fi stairs, as well as scatter terrain like chests (mimics!).

Dungeons & Lasers is running on Kickstarter until August 27th, and is already over 300% funded. If you’re looking to up your RPG sessions this may well be the perfect project for your consideration.

Oh, and here’s a pic of the aforementioned wolf. Aroo.