GenCon 2019: The Interviews

The gaming industry is full of some super cool folk, and GenCon presents a unique opportunity to hang out and chat with them. Every year I look forward to seeing so many people that I only get to hang with at GenCon, and it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to talk about their new releases, plans for the coming year, and how much I have to bribe them to include my favourite characters in their plans. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you get to enjoy the discussion as well.

I had hoped to be able to transcribe the interviews this year, but time and scheduling is what it is, and I want you to be able to listen in things like Will Hungerford explaining the whole bee thing, Will Shick trying to get my Stilt-Man hopes up, and more.

Please enjoy the GenCon 2019 interviews.

• Privateer Press’ Will Hungerford -Warmachine/Hordes, Riot Quest, Monsterpocalypse


• Atomic Mass’ Will Shick – Marvel: Crisis Protocol


• OP’s Ross Thompson – Harry Potter, Talisman variants, and more


• Ninja Division’s John Cadice – State of the Dojo

(I didn’t get a selfie with John this year, but here’s one from GenCon 2016. Oh, we were so young…)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to natter, I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you, especially given how mentally exhausting it can be working a GenCon booth all day, day after day.



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  1. Thanks for the videos, love it. I could only be there two days and didn’t get to see Ross.