Monsterpocalypes: Won’t you take me to Monkeytown?

Of all the supersized monsters in modern mythology, the two most iconic are a radioactive lizard from Japan and an enormous gorilla with a penchant for swatting at biplanes. As much as I’m aligned with the Destroyers in Monsterpocalypse (and trying to teach the two of our parrots to say “Gorghadra”), as much as I’m keen to see more Subterrans (Hammerklak is lonely), it’s hard not to get excited about the Empire of the Apes.

Spend a little time at the Privateer Press booth at GenCon, it’s inevitable that a bunch of monkeys will follow you home. Well, sure they’re apes, not monkeys, but I was angling to get Funkytown earworm’d here. Let’s crack open some boxes and blisters.

King Kondo is your quintessential giant ape monster. The chains are the only metal components, and they secure under his cuffs. Bonus points to the first person who paints him as Grape Ape. He’d also look awesome with orange fur a’la Marvel’s Sasquatch, but we should probably reserve that for White Dajan.

General Hondo, on the other hand, adds an array of military accoutrements, such as armour plating, “medals” and an improvised rocket launcher. Imagine how the drivers of that truck are feeling…

Possibly one of my favourite monster models in the game to date (sorry, Brewgrosh), i think I want more than anything for someone to paint that van medal as the A-Team’s van…

The Assautl Ape/Rocket Ape blister gives you four Assault Apes and one Rocket Ape. These are among the most finely detailed models available as units for Monsterpocalypse.

The Assault Apes are equipped with power lifter arms, making them ideally suited to combat the Martian Menace and Planet Eaters and any other alien threats.

The Rocket Ape prefers to keep its distance, relying on a back-mounted missile array. His stoic expression belies his serious demeanor as he prepares to unleash explosive heck.

The companion blister of Infiltrators and Gunners provides four howitzer-armed Gunners and a single Infiltrator.

Like the Rocket Ape, the Ape Gunner bears a grim countenance showcasing the concentration required to fire its cannon one-handed. The other hand contains a lock of hair from lady-love.

The Infiltrator is single piece model, and the only one that’s been watching parkour videos on Youtube.

Finally, we’ve taken you to (duggaduggadun) MONKEYTOOOWWWNNN! A beautifully clean resin model for the Jungle Fortress.

The Empire of the Apes now has two Monsters, four Units and a Building, all ready to defend humanity and all simian-kind from the Destroyers. Chat with your FLGS or preferred online retailer and get your ape on.