Unboxing the Infernals Army pt 1

The Iron Kingdoms are at a pivotal moment in their history. The debt is being called in, and the Infernals are breaking forth into Caen to claim the souls of two thirds of humanity. Oblivion approaches, and age-old enemies are casting aside old prejudices and joining forces against Infernals, even as the traitors in their own ranks are revealed. Today and Friday we unbox the Infernals Army box. If you’re not following NekuraIzou’s painting streams and social media feeds, head that way to see painted models and follow his Infernal adventures.

Today we look at Zaateroth, the Weaver of Shadows, Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter, the Umbral Guardian and the Shrieker. Friday, we’ll look at the models for the Desolator, the Lamenter, the Griever Swarm and the Cultist Band and Dark Sentinels.

In one of the better packaged army style boxes, there’s almost no wasted space in the box. The large clamshells hold each model or unit, with all the components for each in their own cell.

Now we all know that I’m a devout Menite and Amon Ad Raza is my homeboy, but Zaateroth’s model makes me happy on multiple levels. I mean, the fact that her little otherdimensional servitor has essentially a cyclopic octupus alone…

I was very impressed with the resin case for Zaateroth. Aside from a little scraping to remove the mold like down her back, cleanup was almost non-existant. All the resin channels are underneath the model, so no need to risk any detail when clipping them.

Six metal components. Both arms and the head line up simply and connect without incident. That hat is a trifle unwieldy. She’ll have neck problems later in life.

The other three are all tentacles for her servitor. These are a little trickier to glue in based on the small contact points and the angles at which the tentacles rest. Still, nothing overly unpleasant.

Fully assembled, she looks amazing. None of the components dramatically obscure access, so she can be fully assembled before painting without incident. The points where the tentacles  join to her servitor are all masked by cuffs, meaning there’s no need to fret about green stuff to smooth out organic connections.

This, right here… the tentacles hold the book, sure, but they also hold a pen and an inkwell. As an occasional calligrapher, this little tentacled netherbeast may be my spirit animal.

The Umbral Guardian is taaaaall. These things are FA:3, so someone out there needs to field a trio with Omodamos.

Assembly is a breeze, and she looks amazing. The fact that she can Shield Guard a vital model without even having been deployed in the first place is somewhat amazing.

Orin “Ha ha ha I was evil all along!” Midwinter is a command attachment for Cultist units, siphoning their souls to create arcane vortices and more nefarious things. Both arms are separate components, but I got a little ahead of myself while assembling and glued his left arm in before taking a pic.

While his robes are pretty magnificent, and he and I use the same hairdresser, his beard is a little more… I wanna say ominous… than mine. Perhaps not suitable for cosplaying.

The Shrieker is an odd little Horror covered in bulbous orbs that would look creepy as snot if painted as eyes. Its disruptive wails can mess with the plans of anybody nearby.

With curved talons mean that contact points with the base are small, but the model is very well balanced. I was surprised that the model was entirely metal, no resin, but I’m going to shudder at the thought of that face lunging out of the dark. I think I may need to paint up another unit of Cleansers to make sure I can burn this damn thing.

Roll back this way on Friday to see the other models in the Infernals Army Box!