Big Girls: Sgt. Titanica and Capt. Rahera

The Iron Kingdoms are populated by quite the variety of strong and deadly women, from those sworn to duty to those just out to prod buttock. Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Seas, may well be the very reason those seas are wailing. She and her crew are sworn to no crown save that found on gold coins, but have to qualms about casting their lots with the lich lords of the Scharde Isles and their necromechanical creations.

In another world beset by enormous creatures and constructs from this planet and beyond, some seeking to destroy humanity and others to save it, Earth’s defenders have been joined by this year’s GenCon Ram model, Seargent Titanica – Privateer’s homage to the classic 1958 film Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, possibly one of the best worst science fiction films of all time.

Captain Rahera comes in four metal components, all pretty much plug-and-play in term of assembly.

For most who dwell among the Scharde Islands, the pirate’s life means freedom and a chance for wealth, at least for those who are sufficiently ruthless and driven. Captain Rahera represents these ideals better than most, having risen above the riff-raff of the many pirate dens to seize her own destiny. She has somehow managed to retain autonomy while also staying in the good graces of Cryx’s lich lords and considers herself beholden to no man, living or dead. She claims to know the sacrificial magics of the Satyxis – and the ships she claims certainly see their decks painted red with the blood of the fallen.

Rahera also stands out as one of the few POC characters in the Iron Kingdom, joining notables such as Marcus Brisbane, Doc Killingsworth and Colbie Sterling. Yes, we’re talking about a setting that also has blue-skinned trolls, black-skinned ogrun and green-skinned Croaks and Gobbers, but it makes me happy to see more representation in tabletop miniature games.

Over to Monsterpocalypse. 2018’s GenCon saw Brewgrosh released as an alternate model for Cthugrosh, but 2019’s Ram model doesn’t yet have a “regular” version. The first model with the Green Fury affiliation, Sergeant Titanica steps into the fray as a monster that’s human, just… way bigger.

Components require very little cleanup, and with the crushed buildings providing a larger footprint for the model it’s nicely stable. A miniature version of King Kondo in her right hand hints at Green Fury’s alliance with the Empire of the Apes, while the suds issuing from the beer truck in her left confirm that she’s not drinking White Claw.

All in all a sweet model and a good opportunity to practice blending skin tones. My question is, where the heck did she get a helmet that size!

Captain Rahera is available for Mercenary and Cryx players to add to their black fleets through your preferred FLGS or online retailer. We haven’t seen a street date for a non-Ram version of Sgt Titanica yet, but with Monsterpocalypse expanding it’s only a matter of time.