Burning Wings of Fire

Oblivion stalks the Iron Kingdoms. The Infernals have arrived to demand their due, and few are able to stand in their way. Strange alliances are formed as Morrowans and Thamarites cast aside age-old enmity and join forces, but the stakes are so high that even the divine are entering the fray, sending their avatars to fight side by side with the faithful. Today we’re taking a look at another model snaffled from GenCon, the Menite Archon.

Four pieces of resin, four pieces of metal. Menoth’s archon is a study in balance, as it weighs the fate of the Infernals who have dared to invade Immoren to claim the souls of those dedicated to Menoth.

Clean lines – the hallmark of Menite design – mask a body aflame.

Just cos you’re an animate humanoid of flame doesn’t mean you can’t fill out armored legs.

Aaand, burning wings of fire. I’ve painted to many Menites over the years, you’d think I’d have a better idea of how to effectively paint fire by now…

Metal components are the two arms,already holding their weapons, and the shoulderpads.

Given that the last model I assembled was for Judgement, you’d think I’d have been somewhat prepared for the size of the Archon model. I was not. This thing is as enormous as it is a magnificent manifestation of Menoth’s will.

Flail and sword trail flame as well. I’m going to need some more orange paint… It all makes for a beautifully dynamic figure.

Lonelymonk stuck with the traditional Menite paint scheme, and now I’m pondering how so much open flame will look with my own alternative scheme, when I find time to paint this dude.

The Menite Archon – along with the Morrowan and Primal Archons – drop later this month. Bring some burning-edge justice to the Infernal hordes by checking in with your FLGS or preferred online retailer.