Fallout: Wasteland Warfare – The Raiders Wave

In Wednesday’s post we looked at the two player starter for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, complete with Survivors and Mutants (these ain’t yer daddy’s X-Men). Two factions alone do not a game make, however, and more will be added time passes. Today we’re taking a look at the Raiders, predatory enclaves of survivors led by the strongest among their number.

The Raiders core box adds a motley crew to the tabletop, seven models in all, cast in resin.

The Scavver prefers to sit back and shoot at long range

By comparison, the Psychos love to get up close and personal

That’s not to say Psychos aren’t willing to pack a firearm, of course.

By and large, the Raiders are cheap and disposable troops, supported by specialists.

While an individual raider may not amount to much, remember that they travel in groups.

It’s been said, victory goes to them that roll the most dice…

And then there’s your Veterain Raider in power armour. If you can’t beat ’em, mow them down in a hail of fire as you approach and then clobber them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Fallout Raider experience without some of the more notorious Raiders on the board.

Based out of the Olivia Satellite Station, Ack Ack’s minigun has accounted for its fair share of settlers.

Sinjinis a cunning leader, with the ability to silence any pistol. Sneaky sneaky bang bang.

Sinjin’s right hand, Avery, is an expert sharpshooter, able to pinpoint the weaknesses in opponent’s armor.

Adding extra grunts to your Raiders is easy with the Raiders, Scavvers and Psychos box.

The Scavvers are the snappy dressers of the Raider set, channeling early Mel Gibson.

Now we just need someone to point them toward Tina Turner in chainmail.

I look at this Raider model and all I can think is it’d be a great template for cosplay at Wasteland Weekend.

I’ve always thought using a shuriken as a codpiece was dangerous, impractical, and gives off the wrong message. But then, what do I know about surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland?

When you’re hopped up on whatever the Psychos are using, you can truly find yourself at one with your pipe wrench.

Failing a pipe wrench, a tire iron goes a long way.

The Raiders Wave card pack provides all you need for this round of releases and more.

Not only do you get cards for the Raiders, you also get the Robot faction and the Creature faction.

On top of the new stat cards  you’ll get perks, events, missions, strangers…

… and some new toys to play with, such as the ubiquitous lead pipe. Swing, battah battah!

I’ve always been leary of clear, colored minis because, well, if you paint them you completely undermine the clear aspect. The Stealth Boy Coursers and Glowing Ghouls do look pretty damn cool though.

Like all the other models in the Fallout range, the Stealth Boy Coursers come with molded scenic bases.

Assembly works like any other model, just… more translucent!

The Glowing Ghouls follow the same concept, they’re just yellow and one piece each, so no assembly beyond gluing to their bases required.

Of course, taking pics of a yellow, semi-transparent model is irksome.

“HUG ME!!!”

These products are all available through Modiphius’ online store, and select online retailers and FLGS’s. Will you fight to survive the wasteland?