GenCon2019: The Big Photodump

Alright, it’s now September, almost a month since GenCon and there’s still more stuff to unpack and show you. I’m wading through the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare rules, I’ve got some sweet Ninja Division masterclass resins to show, but I think it’s time to just throw a giant pile of photos at you while I can still loosely remember what I was taking pictures of! Some of these pics were taken off-site and are just part of my overall GenCon experience,some have also already been shared on my Instagram. Enjoy!

The first game played this year wasn’t even at GenCon. Rather, Ninja Steve cracked open Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress! Our team had a samurai, a monk, a ninja and a geisha. Guess which one I played ๐Ÿ˜‰

Props to the organizers who had a sign language interpreter on hand during the opening announcements before unleashing the hordes into the halls.

Aggyface was lurking at the Privateer booth. Naturally, a selfie happened – the first of the con

Tony Konichek, Privateer’s digital majordomo, was definitely not possessed or mind controlled when we took this pic.

I’m really not sure of the significance of enormous can of purple flavoured beverage.

Rock ’em! Sock ’em!

When you raid the pet store’s aquarium section for terrain… I think I remember this level from Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Sgt Titanica was this year’s RAM model, and featured on steins -and- pint glasses.

A new addition for our Claw Machines Of North America gallery!

Another new addition for our Claw Machines Of North America gallery!

Are you one of The Gamers?!?!?!?


I don’t know where it came from… and it was gone later in the day. #MysteryDuck

Chris A Jackson, writer of nautical adventures and always a delight to chat with!

Chris also apparently contributed to a Shadowrun anthology. I though I might enjoy adding it to my library.

I’ve seen plastic dice. I’ve seen stone dice. I’ve seen metal dice. Yak horn is a first.

Warcry was set up on display and available for demos. Those willing were able to put down a payment on Thursday and Friday, to pick up the niftiness on Saturday.

Why yes, Ninja Steve and I *did* demo Oathsworn, and fought an enormous rat queen. The guy running the demo said if we defeated her my knight could keep the little rates as pets. Cos I love rats, me.

Over at The OP, Kingdom Hearts Talisman was on display, blending one of my classic favorite boardgames with one of the most popular Disney video game franchises.

Are you ready to unlock the House of Mouse?

The new Harry Potter Defense Against The Dark Arts game uses some familiar tools and mechanics from Hogwarts Battle as you duel to prove that Hufflepuff really is the best house. What? I’m not biased!

Meanwhile, a Toy Story game using the same (or at least similar) mechanics as Hogwarts Battle? I can see this being a thing.

It was nice to finally see Privateer Press’s Infernals table in the flesh. Or, ya know, wood and plastic and stuff.

Marketing 101: Know your target audience.

I never got into the Power Rangers, but I can appreciate a cool reproduction of an iconic zord.

What, no Green Ranger?!?

A quick stroll past the Kingdom Death booth… more pics from there in a bit…

It was cool to see Godtear models on display. I’m looking forward to the Kickstarter delivering.

Godtear was also being demo’d in the game hall.

The Gruff booth had pins. They had a Nautilus pin. What happened next would be no surprise to anyone who knows me.

A stroll out to the gaming hall revealed the usual expanse of players. I was somewhat surprised to find the Wyrd Games crew had set up most of their Malifaux booth out here, while the one in the dealer hall was maybe 1/4 the size it usually is.

Ninja Steve and I found Travis! Love this guy.

Roborally is such an amazing game. Turning it into a robotic lego experience is just that much more entertaining.

Elsewhere, people were painting and taking miniatures.

If you haven’t played Catan with dice the size of your opponent’s head, have you -really- played Catan?

Super Fantasy Brawl has some sweet monuments

Aaand we’re back to the Kingdom Death booth. The game continues to creep me out on many levels, and I’ve no desire to play it, but I recognize that the models are filling a niche in the industry that I previously had no idea needed to be filled.

He’s very handy in a pinch. I still want to find an enormous rolled up newspaper.

From a distance I thought it was a model of a tree. From a distance.

I do love the variety in survivor models, each representative of a beastie they’ve defeated.

I’m not sure I want to see the hat they’d make out of this guy though.

Wild West Exodus was on site again, Warcradle continuing to reinvent the setting and IP.

Dystopian Wars are also on the radar.

Meanwhile, flying high over the DUST booth…

Shoshie and Jay were casting judgement. Well, really, she was painting Judgement and he was helping sell it, but still…

Battletech, the game that never really dies…

The aforementioned Shadowrun!

Flappy arm tube cosplayer was very enerhetic, and then very tired… and then very energetic, and then very tired.

Carmen San Diego kept her head turned so as not to give away her location to facial recognition software

One of the more in demand products at GenCon, the Funkoverse game. They had the Batman starter, Harry Potter and Golden Girls.

Upper Deck got their James Bond on this year. Fancy spy cars!

What in the Fresh Hell is that?!?

What in the Fresh Hell is this?!?

Ah, they’re oversize versions of these game pieces.. which are about to get eaten by a giant bird!

Travel Catan! Who wants to go on a road trip? Don’t care where, just wanna play Car Catan!

I found the Agels! Charles hid from me, intimidated by the way the con lights were shining off of my head. Chris didn’t mind.

Their Adventurers & Adversaries project is one of the very few producers out there with a Tortle model!

Sweet mural spotted on the way to the Critical Role live show. I’m sure this woman has a story, I just don’t know it :/

I love seeing display and demo tables at conventions. The terrain is at the same time inspiring and intimidating.

Now, think how hard it was to park that right there between those two rocks.

Someone raided the roof too hard during the last rave. Now there’s no roof.

Massive ice shards, white and blue gantries…

It’s hard to provide scenery for aerial combat games. Those consoles though…

Warmachine and Hordes boards!

Cthugrosh and Yasheth dominate the Isle of Annihilation

I don’t know why Hammerklak’s over there in the corner. Maybe he’s on time out.

Orgoth swamp ruins are always worth fighting over.

Repurposed Storm Strider parts turned to evil mining purposes. EVIL MINING.

The Crucible Guard are looking to dethrone the Legion.

Over at the Exploding Kittens booth… more than one person pushed the “random item” button and walked away with soap or a small watermelon.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Polyhedron Cosplay.

Three Spider-Men, a selection of pikachu’s…

Steven Universe cosplay makes me happy. Sweet Stevonie!

Over at the Games & Gears booth just a small project… you know, since that’s a regular 40K scale Rhino on the base…

The cosplay parade featured an attack on Titan…

I’m your huckleberry

Still my favorite alternate Spider-Man

What would Mr Rogers say?

Rocketeer Cap was a neat interpretation

Deadpool still hasn’t returned the shirt Colossus loaned him.


Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey!

I like a good hat as much as the next guy, but c’mon…

The Royal Lodge of Water Buffaloes represent! And She-Ra ๐Ÿ™‚

Mrs Frizzle is secretly a time lord. I’m sure of it.

Come, Patsy!

Family cosplay win.

Meanwhile, Fool and I sat in on Dungeons and Doggies!

I got to play Monty, the Bard. I haven’t played a Bard… ever… in any iteration of D&D before now.

Come, agents of the Golden Collar! We must solve the mystery of the missing rats and the surprisingly successful bakery!

Oh-HO! Trying to summon a rat demon? Not while the Golden Collar is on the case!

Winter is coming.

Hands Across America this wasn’t.

The new Ticket To Ride is double decker buses rather than trains!

And finally, Ninja Steve learning the new Marvel card game.

Phew! You made it through all the photos! Well done, you! You deserve a frozen dairy treat. Or non-dairy if you’re lactose intolerant.

GenCon was, as always, a blast. Thank you to everyone who helped make it the amazing experience it was, and especially to Ninja Steve and the Admiral, who keep inviting me back year after year, the fools. THE FOOLS!