Little Chibis, Big Convention

A visit to GenCon wouldn’t be complete without chatting with the folks from Ninja Division. I was able to sit down with John Cadice and chat about the state of things,  and with the continuing success of the resin masterclass line I’m looking forward to Relic Knights 2.0 kickstarter obligations being met, and Super Dungeon Legends down the line. Of course, their booth at GenCon had plenty of chibis (as well as a Paint-And-Take), and with the LE Sweetheart Candy available in very limited stock, I had to snaffle it…

Until Relic Knights 2.0 drops, I can satisfy my Darkspace Calamity cravings with chibi niftiness. Bang-Bang and Leopold Magnus are already in my hands, but grabbing the Cypher pack gave me their cyphers – Mr Milky and Static – as well as Cupid for Tahariel.

Mr Milky is a lesson in gender identity. The fact that its art has it squirting milk at its opponents is mildly disconcerting… and rather unhygienic. So  much for his being one of the good guys!

Static remains a weird little electric mammal thing. Eyebrows on fleek. His attack doing extra damage to targets that have status effects is potentially bloody devastating. If he can hit.

Cupid requires a little cleanup and assembly, but the only really challenge is the tiny feet making for tiny contact points with the base. Mr Milky has the same concern. Pinning may be required.

I’m torn whether the helmet makes me think of an adorable Braniac, Marvin the Martian, or Micky Mouse. Putting ears on it may be sacrilege…

Given that Tahariel gives of a slight Maleficent vibe in her chibi form, the House of Mouse may inspire painting schemes…

The only assembly required is her staff arm. There’s a little cleanup still needed, of course.

The Rainbow Dragoon was one of the convention new releases, a winged warrior with an ability called “Over the Rainbow”. Under that helmet, is he actually a flying monkey?!?

Monkey or not, he’s a quick, simple assembly, and a solid addition to a Super Dungeon team.

Sweetheart Candy makes me think of the Super Dungeon version of anime sailor scouts. I’m sure there’s a more direct correlation, but I just don’t watch as much anime as some.

All sweetness and light, Sweetheart Candy can literally bat her eyelashes at her opponents to mess them up. Seriously, she has a “Flutter Eyelashes” special action that immobilizes and hexes her targets. (*blink. blink blink*)

These models have been added to the pile of things to paint, and I’m looking forward to being able to shove them around a tabletop at some point. While Sweetheart Candy is rare as hen’s teeth nowadays, if you head over to Ninja Division you can pick up Celebration Candy, marking ten years of chibi goodness. Whether you adore chibi things or just need a change of pace on the painting table, it’s worth a visit.