Unboxing Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Arguably one of the most popular video game franchises out there, with over two decades of pew-pew in a post-apocalyptic world with bottlecaps as currency, it was only a matter of time before the game that helped boys appreciate the versatility of bobby pins crossed over to the tabletop. Our friends at Modiphius debuted Fallout: Wasteland Warfare last year, and this year’s GenCon had the game on full display using a bunker terrain set from Black Site.

Today we take you on a tour of the two-player starter set.

Opening the box you will find, frankly, a metric craptonne of stuff. When the label on the box says it’s giving you a two-player starter set, what it means is that it’s basically making sure you have everything you need with the possible exception of terrain, whether you’re a miniature gaming veteran or a complete newbie.

Three books greet you – the Rules of Play, the Campaign Handbook, and Getting Acclimated. I’d be lying if I suggested that the game wasn’t gritty, with lots of rules and interactions to wrap your head around – Honestly, it’s one of the more complex systems I’ve looked at – but the Getting Acclimated book is, frankly, a perfect introduction to the system, with simple step-by-step scenarios introducing you to the way the game determines your success or failure as a survivor.

The game measures range and movement using colored sticks of varying lengths, and oh lawdy you better believe there’s a lot of tokens. Modiphius even very kindly included some ziploc baggies in the box to help you keep them all sorted.

Two foldout maps come with the set, making it that much easier to turn your kitchen table into a radiated wasteland, a crumbling tribute to the hubris and greed of manking, a world waiting to be reclaimed by nature.

Cards provide summary rules and more. Each faction has a summary card, each model has a stat card. Those ones on the bottom left? AI cards should you with to play solo, or cooperatively against the game. Yep, Wasteland Warfare can be played PvP or PvE, and if you choose PvE you don’t even need to have a second player. You can literally try to go it alone in the wasteland.

Other cards cover everything from items to skills to hazard and twists on the scenario.

The dice… now this took a little getting used to. A d20 and a bunch of d12’s, but they’re covered in custom faces, so it wasn’t immediately obvious what meant want. Thankfully, the rules explain it all, and here’s where I want to tip my hat again to Modiphius’ creative team. Different colored dice are used for different weapon types and the like, and the rules and cards indicate which dice to use with colored pentagons – see the 10mm Pistol card in the previous pic. Now, see the yellow pentagon, and notice the small black pip. See the green one, and notice the small white pip in a different corner. These are to aid the colorblind in identifying which dice to use. Kudos, design team, for recognizing a potential barrier to inclusive gaming, and removing it.

The final cards are the quest cards, including  – as you can see on the blue obverse – the opportunity to finagle your reward a little.

And then there’s the miniatures. While the expansion sets and other models for Fallout Wasteland Warfare are resin, the models in the starter are PVC. This does result in a little loss of definition, but it also means the starter set is affordable. I will note that resin versions of the 2-player starter models are available separately.

Nora is the sole survivor. If you don’t paint her in a blue jumpsuit with yellow piping, well, I don’t know what to say.

Dogmeat is, of course, Dogmeat, the goodest of boys.

A Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant in T-60 armor adds some punch to your team

An enslaved tech survivor and two settlers round out the Surivors side of the starter.

On the other side, the Super Mutants are channeling their inner Bruce Banner’s in bright green.

A little PVC warp will be easily fixed with the ol’ hot water/ice water trick.

Flying helmets are all the rage among the super mutant community, as is wearing the skulls of your fallen enemies.

At this point I’ll ask if anyone has noticed that every dang model in the range has scenic base details. Cos they do.

… no. These are not good boys. They’re grotesquely warped super mutant hounds.

Of course, it’s hardly a struggle for survival in a hellish wasteland devoid of oreos without a Deathclaw…

The Alien is a sneaky little bonus, a touch of additional raygun punk.

Look! They’re pals!

Bonus: Modiphius gifted its customers at GenCon with a Nuka-Cola objective marker. Nothing worth fighting for in the wasteland more than a pile of bottles, some of which *may still contain Nuka-Cola!*

There’s more to show off from GenCon – Modiphius has picked up the hand-held mini-nuke and is running with it. I mean, have you seen Liberty Prime?!?

The real question is… do  you have what it takes to survive?