Short but not forgotten

I’ve got space dwarfs on my mind today.

One of the things that appeals to me most about Warmachine/Hordes, as someone prone to a collector mentality and the desire to have all the things, is the promise that the model you buy today, will still be usable in the game in three years. Or five. Or ten, twenty, whatever. Even as the timeline has advanced and the game has evolved, at no point has Privateer said “You know what, bog trogs are no longer part of our ongoing continuity” or “Severius got hi’self killed and stuff, we can remove him from all future rulesets”. Given how expensive tabletop wargaming can be, knowing that my favourite model isn’t going to suddenly removed from the game is reassuring.

Not so, certain other games. Thinking back to the late 80’s/early 90’s, my very first 40K model was a Squat Heavy Weapons Trike with a multi-melta.

Pic from Goblin Lee

I loved the idea of Space Dwarfs. I picked up a box of Squat infantry at some point, and I even had a Squat army for the original Space Marine/Epic, complete with Overlord Airships, Goliaths, Colossi and a Land Train (Choo-choo! Boom-boom!). The models are long gone, either shoved in the back of the closet of someone back in the old country, or discarded as so much dead weight.

But people haven’t forgotten the Squats. While there’s no functionality for them in Warhammer 40K as an army,  various third parties have kept the short, bearded dream alive, such as Noble Robo, with their beverage-swilling Guild Lord Guzzler, and Games Workshop themselves have even snuck squats into Necromunda as a Bounty Hunter, after a 20 year absence from their release schedules. There’s been a number of Kickstarters for smaller producers continuing the aesthetic of the visored helmet, quilted armour, et al. Let’s face it, it looks super cool. Judgement’s Barnascus breaks from the aesthetic a little, but he’s in a tracked heavy weapon platform with twin flamethrowers, so we’ll allow it.

I know it’s a little rambling-train-of-thoughty, but this all leads me around to wondering what we’re going to see in Privateer’s next venture, Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. They’ve promised it’s going to me more than just Warmachine in Spaaaaaaaace (which, to be honest, I don’t actually have a problem with), but finding a home betwixt 40K, Infinity, Breachstorm, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Star Wars Minis, and Judgement’s Sci-Fi side will be interesting. There’s really not a lot of Sci-Fi miniatures games out there (compared to Fantasy/Historical) but the headliners are pretty firmly entrenched. When we scroll forward the clock and reach for the stars, what will we see?

Will there be any remnants of the factions that we know and love from the Iron Kingdoms?

Just how old will Sebastian Nemo be, and will be able to take down Karchev the Terrible in his latest weaponized iron lung?

Will the divergent species of Caen still be a thing, or will anything non-human have largely been driven to extinction over the millennia?

Will we get space dwarfs?

Inquiring minds want to know. Bring on the pew-pew.