This is my boomstick

When I recently won a Magic Bullet at the office, it had me wondering about the practical applications of a small food processor when it comes to fighting werewolves and the like. Being even nerdier than most, this naturally led my ponderances to the gunslingers – more specifically, the gun mages – of the Iron Kingdoms. From Cygnar’s Arcane Tempest Gun Mages to the Llaelese Thorn Gun Mages, from Jarl Skuld to the Satyxis Gunslingers, the idea of slapping some runes on a bullet and sending it on its merry way through a magelock pistol (or equivalent) is not uncommon in the Iron Kingdoms. While few have pushed the concept from small arms to rifles, some have opted for magic shooty death at long range, including the traitorous Kara Sloan, who has secretly flirted with the Infernal Courts.

And then there’s this guy.

Gunnbjorn continues to be my favourite Trollkin warlock conceptually, despite his launch into MkII Hordes having him seen as lackluster. He’s one of the only warlocks in the game without a magic weapon, but that shoulder mounted boomstick still packs a heck of a punch. Gunnbjorn represents a subsection of the Trollbloods that is often overlooked in favor of the more tribal side of the faction: The professional military.

As with most factions, there are  subfactions within that you can build a whole army around. For example, Cygnar has the Trenchers, the Stormnouns, and their gunmages. Khador has the Man-O-War, the Winterguard, and the Iron Fangs. Skorne have the Paingivers, the Cataphracts and the Praetorians. Caveat, there are always a few models that don’t slot into a particular subtheme, but the concept stands.

Dozer & Smigg

For Trollbloods there are the “traditional” models, that follow the more – for lack of a better term – primitive ways. These include the general kith and kin like the Kriel Warriors and the Long Riders. Then there’s the Northkin. Still tribal, but with a white-furred wintery bent, such as the Fire Eaters and the  Northkin Raiders. The third category – those that I would classify as an organized, trained military – brings something to special to the Trollbloods – the Gunline. At least on paper.

So here’s my challenge to you, my dear Losties. I want you to turn your heads to the more “professional army” side of the faction. Think away from the wild, unfocussed fury of Mulg and the like, more toward models that would drill and practice and embrace the “modern” technology of the Iron Kingdoms. Think Dozer & Smig and Blitzers. Think the Pummeler and Thumper. Think – and I mean this most sincerely – Trollkin Sluggers.

Give me a reason, internet. Just give me a reason.



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  1. I can’t promise that it’s good but it does seem fun. Probably better for defensive scenarios than anything from Steamroller.

    [Theme] Kriel Company

    [Gunnbjorn 1] Captain Gunnbjorn [+28]
    – Dire Troll Blitzer [15]
    – Dire Troll Bomber [19]
    – Dozer & Smigg [18]
    – Troll Bouncer [9]
    – Trollkin Runebearer [5]
    Boomhowler, Solo Artist [0(6)]
    Pyg Tank [5]
    Pyg Tank [5]
    Ledfoot & Tredz [7]
    Pyg Lookouts (max) [10]
    Thumper Crew [0(5)]
    Thumper Crew [0(5)]
    Trollkin Sluggers (max) [10]

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      I love that you’ve included a trio of tanks, led by Ledfoot. The sheer amount of firepower in this list entertains me greatly! I wonder if we could convert the Runebearer to be holding a couple of clipboards rather than stone tablets, and give him a helmet…