A Gabe of Throne(s)

Grand Master Gabriel Throne has totally had enough of all those Infernal shenanigans, and he’s come out retirement to send the netherspawn howling and screaming back through their infernal gates to lick their wounds and otherwise think about their life choices. As a Grand Master of the Order of Illumination, Throne is a skilled tactician and commander, with an array of abilities to boost those serving. He also gets a sweet horse.

Seven components make up the Grand Master, and frankly, it’s one of the nicest cavalry models I’ve had the pleasure tinker with from Privateer.

Due to a tragic accident involving a watermelon and three feet of hose, Throne’s horse only has two legs on the resin components. Oh, and comes in two halves. No big.

A generous plug will join the two halves together, the straight edge keeping the components aligned.

Once together the join is camouflaged amidst the barding and saddlebags, easily painted over.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, two metal legs were provided. Each is nicely shaped to pair up with the surrounding armor, giving a more organic look to the movement of the model.

Grand Master Gabriel Throne only has one leg on  his metal body, which made me oddly happy. Maybe it’s flashbacks to assembling Exemplar Vengers, but as riders on horses go, having the opposing leg already part of the horse made life so much easier.

The rider torso nestles in nicely, and it just occurred to me that he has a saddle blanket wrapped in front of his saddle. Typical old Cygnaran, has to have something to ward off the chill.

Fully assembled, Throne is an excellent model for display purposes, with his sword held back while he fires. This is one cavalry model that doesn’t have an abundance of overreach on his base, making for easy storage/transport too.

A solid contribution to any Crucible Guard, Cygnar or Khador army, Grand Master Gabriel Throne is available through your FLGS or preferred online vendor. Clippity clop, people – there’s Infernals to smite!