Dark Relections:The Morrowan and Thamarite Archons

The Infernal Incursion has led to strange bedfellows as the war for the souls of humanity escalates. After decades of conflict, and still with no love lost between them, the Morrowan devout and Thamarite sworn have shelved their enmity – if not their prejudices – in the face of a threat greater than either can face alone. Evidence of the approval of their deities, archons from both Morrow and Thamar join the fray…

As a Menite I shake my fist at Morrow, so we’re going to start with unboxing the Thamarite Archon.

The Archons are largely straightforward to assemble, though both the Morrowan and Thamarite Archons are a little finicky in the wing department. Our Thamarite Archer has four resin components and four metal components. Balance is apparently a thing for Thamarites, who knew.

The core of the Thamarite Archon is a beautifully cast piece of resin. There’s a few tabs to be clipped off, but nothing challenging.

Because flair is important, the Thamarite Archon’s robe swings wide through a simple shaped peg.

Arms and leg attached simply, with a little play on the bow arm such that if you wanted a second anchor point, you could angle the lower tip of the bow against either the right leg or the lower robes. The quiver is shaped to follow the curve of the hip/robes. See that little hole in the middle of the back? That’s where the wings go.

The wings join at a small contact point, and the two parts form a little nub to slot into that back socket. It’s a small contact point for the two to join, but the back socket provides a secure grip around both sides of the nub.

Wings in place, the Thamarite Archon presents an exciting opportunity for anyone who’s keen to get their hand in painting feathers.

Fully assembled, the Thamarite Archer … er, Archon… has beautiful movement, even it its headgear does channel early Green Goblin hoods.

Flipping over to the goody-two-shoes side, the Morrowan Archon wants to poke you with her pokey stick.

With three metal and three resin components, the Morrowan Archon exemplifies the same concept of balance as her Thamarite counterpart, but does it more efficiently.

The shield arm sockets into the deepest armpit I’ve seen in awhile.

Now this joint, you may want to consider pinning. While the contact surface is generous, there’s still a lot of lance leaning out into the void. Note also how closely the butt of the lance rests against the wing socket. Moreso than the Thamarite Archon, the Morrowan Archon’s components are in danger of butting against each other and interfering with proper contact. Remember, kids, test fitting is a thing.

You can see this in the wings, which touch at the base. These guys go together in the same manner as the Thamarites, further proof that Morrow and Thamar are twins. That’s how logic works, right?

Fully assembled, the Morrowan Lancer… Archon… Lancarchon?… has an impressive footprint. She’s a lovely piece, despite her heretical affiliations (or so the Scrutators tell me), and I’m sure she’ll find a place impaling many Infernal horrors.


Both the Thamarite and Morrowan Archons are October releases, and are waiting to defend humanity at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.