Golden Kobold 2019

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on a painting kick lately. It’s been great to make some progress on my Crisis Protocol and Riot Quest models. Painting is, for me, an enormously rewarding part of the tabletop miniature gaming hobby. Lord knows I suck at actually playing most of the games (though that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of fun), but there’s a lot to be said for engaging in art and creativity and the sense of accomplishment when you finish a piece.

Now, I’ve been blessed to meet some amazing miniature artists over the years, including some who could paint me under the table with one hand tied behind their back, and it’d be easy to compare my results to theirs and bemoan the lack of comparative talent, but pretty much every one of these modern day miniature Michelangelos is encouraging, supportive,and they pretend they like my stuff, so I keep at it.

Painting Menites, Space Marines, Black Diamond Corps, Flesh Eater Courts, and all those other amazing army models is great, but every once in awhile I crack out something from Super Dungeon Explore, Rail Raiders, or Ninja All Stars. In a painting rut? Pull out a chibi. Tired of grimdark and need a palate refresher? Pull out a chibi. Really wanna paint with some obnoxiously bright colours? Pull out a chibi. They are *such* a change of pace when painting, and coincidentally, the submission window is open for the Golden Kobold

Dost thou paint Chibi? Then this is the painting contest for you. Trophies for Gold, Silver and Bronze for each of the categories, and full Army Painter paint sets for the winners!

Golden Kobold Categories

Painters may submit a single entry into each of the five available categories. (All entries must fulfill the Conditions of Entry.)

1. Single Miniature – Small

Entry must be a single figure, where all elements are based no larger than 40mm diameter, and up to 10cm tall including any decorative basing or plinth display.

2. Single Miniature – Large

Entry may be any single model entry where the size of the entire model and its display are larger than 40mm in diameter and smaller than 100mm, And no taller than 20cm.

3. Diorama

Entry may be any scene or diorama featuring one or more models of any size. The display may not exceed  dimensions of 20 x 20 x 25cm (8″ x 8″ x 10″).

4. Judges Select

Care to try your skills against the very best? The Golden Kobold judges and special painter entrants will be battling for Golden Kobold glory in this masterclass category.

5. Junior Kobold 

This category is exclusive for entrants ages 12 and under! The model must meet the qualifications for the Single Miniature – Small or Single Miniature – Large categories and must be painted entirely by the Junior entrant.


And all you need to do is email pics of your entries.

I’m thinking, as proud as I am of some of my already-painted chibis, I think this is a great opportunity to put paint on something new, and I know just what… I’ve had a paint scheme in my head for Crystalia’s Myconid Magician for some time now, and I’m thinking – as large as he is – he’ll be a great change of pace between Superheroes and Steampunk Scavengers.

Hello, Furious Fungomancer… would you like to meet my paintbrush?