MCP: The Ever-Lovin’ Hulk

Who is as lovable as ever-lovin’ Hulk? Marvel’s primary misunderstood monster hero, Dr Robert Bruce Banner was pelted with gamma rays, resulting in a temper-fueled behemoth that has gone through myriad incarnations over the decades and spawned a family of spin-off characters ranging from She-Hulk to Doc Samson to A-Bomb. I was planning to do another Crisis Protocol villain as my next post but when I asked Gdayboy to choose A, B, C or D – for Crossbones, Zemo, Ultron and Ock – he just said “Hulk”, and heck, why not. HULK!

We showed off Hulk’s components in the GenCon photodump, but I don’t think even then we could have predicted the mess I’d make of his teeth when painting him… still, he looks good for Tabletop level. Hulk was a log of fun to paint,. with his signature green and purple palette letting me slap colours onto a model that I don’t get to play with as often as I’d like. The model assembles easily and intuitively, and was a lot of fun to paint.

With every character in the core set costing 3 or 4 points, Hulks 6 point cost means he’s going to be a centerpiece for any squad. Given how often he’s flipped from hero to villain (either deliberate or misunderstood) throughout comic history, he can thematically play with any squad, though he is listed on the Avengers roster – rightly so, as one of the original 6 members of the team.

Hulk is not overly fast, nor is he overly dodgy, but he can take a hit better than anyone, and his attacks are sure to send his opponents staggering. Literally.

His basic strike swings with a base strength of 6, and while his Thunder Clap and Hulk Smash! attacks do cost power, he automatically generates two additional power every turn thanks to Inner Rage. Thunder Clap is a Beam 3 attack, meaning everyone under the template’s going to have ringing in their ears for a few minutes.

Hulk Smash is, of course, a signature biff, with 8 (!) strength as a base, staggering -and- throwing the target.

I keep saying base stats because ol’ Brucey also gets an extra attack dice for every three damage he’s  taken. With 20 health, that means (when he’s on his last legs) you’re rolling up to 6 extra dice to smash.

In terms of superpowers, in case all that smashability wasn’t enough, Hulk can use Gamma Leap once a turn for extra distance (countering his speed of S) and fling terrain around like it’s nobody’s business. Wasn’t it nice of Atomic Mass to provide us with that Daily Bugle News Stand in the starter box?

While Hulk make be the posterboy for shirtlessness in the MCP, he’s also a heck of an addition to any team that can spare him the points. I really should do something about those teeth…

Marvel: Crisis Protocol launched last week! Did you grab a core set?!? Swing by your FLGS or preferred online retailer, and bring the biff to the streets of New York! (or wherever else you’re setting your game)