MCP: Ultron

Hank Pym was a smart man. He developed Pym Particles and the means for the human body to maintain full functionality at a tiny fraction of its normal size, or to safely grow to a size where the human heart would normally fail. And then, decades before conventional science caught up with him, he developed a fully sentient artificial intelligence – Ultron. Yes, movie-watchers, I’m afraid Hollywood lied to you. Hank Pym created everyone’s favourite homicidal robot maniac, not Tony Stark. Hank even did it again with a second A.I., Jocasta. Today we take a look at Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s tallest model in the core set, ULTRON!!!

First up, I’ll note that this was one of the fastest/easist models to paint I’ve tackled in awhile. Granted, I was only shooting for 3 foot, tabletop level, but if you’re looking to knock a model out quickly, Ultron’s not a bad choice.

  • Basecoat a dark silver metal (P3 Pig Iron)
  • Apply a black wash (GW Nuln Oil)
  • Heavy drybrush with a lighter silver (GW Chainmail)
  • Base the glowy bits white (P3 Morrow White)
  • Wash/glaze an orange/red (GW Bloodletter)


In terms of the tabletop, Ultron is the only Size 3 model in the Core Box, and one of the two most expensive to field at 4 Threat. He uses the Medium template when moving, and is tied for the best combined defensive stats in the core box, with Captain America and Doctor Octopus.

He hits decently hard with 4 Strength on his strike, but he zaps harder with 5 Strength on his Energy Blast. If you want to dump some Power tokens you can swing with Metallic Fury at range 3, either as a physical or energy attack at 7 Strength, allowing you capitalize on your target’s weaker defense stat.

Ultron can fly, is immune to Bleed and Poison, and is super resilient to Mystic attacks, with a base 4 Defense and counting Wilds as two successes on defense rolls. I mean, there’s no organic brain to be affected by psychic blasts, or soul/spirit to be affected by magical or spiritual forces (Sorry, Firebird). Just hardware and circuitry. I’ll be curious to see Vision’s stat card to see if there’s a similar resistance.

Ultron comes with two active Super Powers, though neither requires an action. For 2 power he can Analyze and Annihilate, which actually just translates to analyzing to help the next attack annihilate, granting you extra dice if the target rolls a crit in their defense roll. This can really stockpile nicely to maximize Metallic Fury.

His other ability is a Kinetic Field Generator, letting him hurl terrain up to size 3 around the board. So, yes, that includes the Daily Bugle Newstand/Coffee Shop, and the upcoming Garbage Truck/Osborn Chemicals Truck. Think your opponent’s favourite hero is trash? Take it out with a garbage truck to prove your point.

Ultron doesn’t do much for his teammates, but his damage output through Metallic Furyis one of the most reliable in the core set, especially if paired with Analyze and Annihilate. He’s a solid centerpiece for your line and is set up to mutter “Dodge This…” when unloads that blast on an overconfident foe.

Continuing to putter through the bad guys of the core set, next on the table is Helmut Zemo…