Riot Quest: Gubbin!

The painting progress continues in the Gdaycave, and while Marvel: Crisis Protocol is causing much ado, I’m also slowly working through the Riot Quest models, with an eye to being able to field a full team at CaptainCon. Speaking of which, you did see Friday’s charity announcement post, right? Right. The newest fully painted additionj to the team is the demolitionist gobber, Gubbin.

Gubbin was a fun challenge to paint in part due to his small stature, in part due to to wanting palette variety in his collection things that go boom, and also, well, he’s the first model we’ve seen from Privateer Press that has a Zippo-style lighter. Come to think of it, he’s the first model I’ve seen from *any* manufacturer with a zippo. One of Dragon Forge Design’s Goth-Tech bases adds a little more weight to the piece and makes him a little less likely to be accidentally tipped over.

In terms of gameplay, Gubbin is a Rogue. This means he comes with the Sneak ability to help him get around the board, and theoretically he’s focused on collecting loot. While he’s diminutive, sure, having a back full of high explosive – including bundles of dynamite and rockets – seems somewhat counterintuitive to being sneaky.

Sometimes your inner boom-fiend just overrides your job description.

Gubbin’s speed of 5 makes him one of the fastest heroes in Riot Quest, and his defense stats of 5/6 make him one of the hardest to hit. This is important because his Stamina of 2 makes him the squishiet hero available to date. Keeping him from getting hit through use of cover – or Sir Dreyfus’ Sagefuardability, which actively grants cover to adjacent crewmates – will make Gubbin one of the most resilient models on the field, despite that low Stamina. Of course, bunching your models up will also potentially make you vulnerable to explosions from opposing Gubbin heroes, but that may be a risk you have to take.

After all, fortune favors the bold, and there’s booty to be acquired!

Gubbin lurks with a cheeky grin in the Riot Quest core set, available from Privateer Press. Check with your FLGS or preferred online retailer.