RQ: Orsus Unchained and Captain Crawtooth

In a market that’s seen some saturation recently in terms of MOBA style arena combat games, Riot Quest remains one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve enjoyed. With every model being characterful as heck, fast and dynamic gameplay AND cross-compatibility with Warmachine/Hordes, it’s a wonderful diversion from some of the more “serious” gaming experiences out there. Today we take a look at Orsus the Unchained and Captain Crawtooth.

First up, what would have happened if the SS Minnow had been captained by a gatorman? For a start, Gilligan wouldn’t have made it through the first episode… aaand with that Gilligan’s Islandreference, I’ve officially aged myself…

A Fighter class hero, Crawtooth’s snacking will keep him in the game while his Fishing Hook gives you a handy tool for board control, dragging opposing Questers away from chests, out of the influence of their allies,etc.

Most of Crawtooth is a single resin component, with great textural contrast between the scales and the captain’s coat.

I know it’s a simple detail, but the back scale having torn through the back of the coat just makes me happy. The leg nestles into its socket nicely, with the belt forming the upper edge.

The hook and its rope are a single component that connects across the body. Normally such components are a little irksome, but the way the rope bows out and away from the model creates a beautifully dynamic flow.

Orsus Zoktavir apparently survived the apocalypse that led to the Riot Quest future of the Iron Kingdoms, though he now finds himself changed to a Fellblade – in the form of an axe – rather than wielding his traditional mechanika, Lola.

A brutal machine built only for destructive purposes, Orsus is a threat to friend and foe alike as berserker rages surge and he loses the ability to focus. While he may have survived the apocalypse, any fragment of sanity has been subsumed by the whispers of Fell Lola.

As a miniature, Orsus is entirely metal. That entire paunch, the little buttflap on his pants, all of it.

His two arms are separate components, and I wanted to tip my hat to the sculptor for adding detailed tread to the underside of the boots.

Fully assembled, he’s an angry old hairless dude with a possessed axe. I think that description says it all…

In terms of Riot Gear, Crawtooth’s Medicinal Stew is cheap as dirt and can keep your favourite hero cycling back onto the board rather than their having to wait in the cooler. Orsus’ Fell Charm on the other hand, is pricey but lets you ramp up the damage output.

As a special treat, Wallorspin’s Orsus wants to show you his Red Left Hand.

Both Orsus and Crawtooth are available through your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Come out swingin’