Sides of a Coin: The Void and Primal Archons

The essence of creation, the primordial urge that pushes the axlotl out of murky soup with an urge to go bipedal and take up chartered accountancy, wars with the inevitable advance of entropy. Where there is life, their is death. With the other-dimensional Infernals breaking through the walls of reality, both aspects are manifesting alongside the deific Archons of Menoth, Morrow and Thamar, to fight not just for the souls of humanity, but for reality itself.

Alright, that’s just my persona take on the Void and Primal Archons, but hey, I like it.

First, let’s scream into the Void and see if it has anything to say back.

Determined to thumb its nonexistent nose at the other Archons, the Void Archon has the smallest component count to date. I mean, it has no legs at all, so maybe that has something to do with it. Swoosh!

It took me a moment to figure out the shoulder alignment. There are small recesses on the back which will welcome the shaped rear sides of the metal arm pieces, and the metal edges then form the sides of the slot for the wings.

“Back off! Get your own sandwich!” and other references that don’t mean anything who hasn’t seen the same commercials that I have.

While the Morrowan and Thamarite Archons plugged the center of their wings into a common socket, each of the Void Archon’s wings sits in its own slot.

And in the end you have a piece that will happily balance on its own swirly swooshiness. If I wasn’t planning on putting it into the CaptainCon Charity Prize Pool, I’d be slapping paint all over this thing, it’s just such a lovely model.

And then we look at what happens when you piss off an entire section of hillside.

Six components, three in resin and three in metal. I’d be curious as to the reasoning for one arm being metal and the other resin. I’m sure there’s all sorts of technical model engineering stuff behind it, but at the same time I just want to picture someone on the decision-making team being a fan of the Winter Soldier.

Each arm is a story of nature writ in anger. Stone, wood, vine, fungus, all ready to rip someone’s head off. I kind of think this is the sort of thing the Druids of Orboros would get up to if they didn’t have to follow millennia-old rituals for Wold creation.

The body itself mirrors the story told by the arms – Nature is very, very cross .

Now I just want to point out that when it comes to fighting the Infernals, not ONLY is this thing a beatstick, but enemy models can’t be summoned within 10″. is it due to the Archon smelling like manure? I mean, the rules say Reality Anchor, but…

One way or another, hit up your FLGS  or preferred online retailer to get your mitts on the Archons. Oh, and if you’ll be at CaptainCon, check to see who makes it to the prize table…