MCP: Doctor Octopus

Dr Otto Octavius is one of those characters that I either love or disdain. Not hate, just… in the hands of a capable comic writer, he can be amazing, or he can be just so damn meh. He’s one of the few mad scientist style characters who can legitimately claim the title, but there’s always the question of just how menacing a fat guy with a bowl cut in spandex can be. Thankfully, there’s some utterly amazing story arcs out there, and Alfred Molina’s portrayal in Spider-Man 2 was, for me, probably the best thing about the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies.

The Studio scheme has Otto in yellow gloves and boots, but for my money the comic versions where he’s in a green and grey costume are much more menacing, and I I decided to go with red glowie bits in reference to the aforementioned movie.

Painting Otto was a little more irksome than one might initially think, but part of that’s my own fault for painting each segment of the tentacles silver individually over a black base, rather than just painting them all with a silver tone and then applying a wash. His goggles also came out more like a domino mask than lab safety goggles, but that just reminded me of Mr Incredible before he got back into shape and it made me giggle, so I ran with it.

He also got a bottle of some unspecified booze, but hey, mad science is as mad science does. You know full well that at some point during his lab career he tried brewing up something imbibable.

On the table, Otto joins your crew for a pretty standard 3 Threat. 5 Health on the front of his card, 6 on the back. Medium speed teams up with Wall Crawler to get him where he needs to be, and his strike packs a Flurry of Armsto ramp up the damage.  Arm Lasersgive him a ranged threat to stack on top of his melee potential, making him a surprisingly versatile character.

In term of superpowers, the aforementioned Wall Crawleris joined by the passive Scientific Hubris– Otto is nothing if not blind to his own failings – to ramp up the potential damage of both his ranged and melee attacks.

Ock’s Clutchesmakes everything in the immediate vicinity a potential threat. Well, as long as it’s Size 2 or less. Oh, look, I conveniently finished painting the two dumpsters from the starter set as a palate cleanser while working on models this week… what a wild and crazy happenstance!

Doctor Octopus is the last of the five Cabal members in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol core set, so as a bonus we have a group shot! Next up, we get started on the heroes… I’m saving MODOK for dessert once the core’s done 😉