Riot Quest: Eiryss, Fortune Hunter of Ios

When you’re the fourth incarnation of one of the most recognizable personages in the Iron Kingdoms, it’s a reasonable assumption that over time you’ve upgraded your standard crossbow to something with a bit more pew pew. Eiryss, Fortune Hunter of Ios, survived the Infernal apocalypse and now sells her services as a Scout, joining with crews as it suits her purposes to loot the remains of the world that came before.

This is the fifth Eiryss model I’ve had the pleasure to paint (I was lucky enough to get my hands on the NQ Exclusive model, though not the Angel of Vengeance Mini-Crate) but I’ll confess I didn’t have a clear picture in my head when I started the model in terms of colour palette, and I stumbled a few times trying to get tones and blends I was happy with. In the end she’s almost monochromatic, but given that she’s a sneaky Iosan, I’m okay with this.

And yes, I left off her midriff and facial tattoos. I’m old, my eyes are old,and they’re superfine lines that I’ve no doubt would have made her look like a linebacker. I know my limits, and while I’m good with pushing them from time to time, this was not the time.

Oh, and yes, Dragon Forge Design bases are a great fit for Riot Quest.

In the past Eiryss focused her efforts on tracking down enemy spellcasters, but now she’s happy to plug her targets with magnabolts regardless of their stance on the destruction of the Iosan pantheon. As a Scout she has Spotter, but she also brings some of the best defensive stats in the game (4/5) and makes her entire crew faster with Motivator. Wanna see Gubbin run rampant? Pair him up with Eiryss.

Her Swift Hunter ability will keep her safe by allowing her to keep her distance whenever she hits a target, or alternatively it will allow her to close with either an enemy model or a loot chest, making Eiryss a very versatile piece and a fine addition to your crew.

Eiryss, Fortune Hunter of Ios, is your core set Scout, and is looking forward to helping you loot all the things. Next up on the painting table, the Wolf With No Name…