There’s a Storm Breaking at CaptainCon

Wargames are all fun and… well, games, but they come to life when we invest them with a little narrative. Whether it’s just in our heads, or a fully fledged narrative campaign like Oblivion, there are incredibly rich gaming experiences out there if you let your imagination wander, or step into the story crafted by your local organizer. Looking back at the last Lock & Load, the Stormbreak narrative event was a huge success as participating players fought for control of Khador’s Stormbreaker class skyship. This coming CaptainCon, thanks to one particularly enterprising organizer and his local pal(s) strategically applying their table and terrain making skills, 16 lucky attendees will get to try their hands!

CaptainCon 2020 Warmachine & Hordes
Narrative Event: Stormbreak

An event of epic proportions is coming to CaptainCon this year, one unlike anything that’s been seen at the show before. The Stormbreak event at Lock & Load 2019 was the culmination of months of leagues and events ran at shops around the world and now it’s coming (unofficially) to CaptainCon! Sixteen players will join me to battle for control of the skies on the back of  Khador’s most powerful weapon; the Stormbreaker skyship. This massive 8 v 8 battle takes place across two decks of the enormous vessel, both tables custom-made by a New England local especially for this event.

 *Pictures are work-in-progress*

So how does it work? Players will be split into two teams representing the forces of Khador on one side and the combined armies of Cygnar and the Llaelese Resistance on the other. Over the course of 6 rounds players will fight to control key systems and equipment with the goal of defending to crippling the ship. Each team will assign 4 players to each table and the whole team takes their turn simultaneously with a 20-minute time limit.

Now I know what you’re thinking; “Chris,” you say, “Isn’t that just a complicated way to have two separate games going on at once?” That’s where our first twist comes in! Each table has 5 access ladders as seen in this very, very (very) rough sketch. Any model near the ladder can draw line of sight from the corresponding ladder on the other table to make ranged and magic attacks, though they can’t use them to move between decks. You’ll need to be wary of any guns on the other deck when your
forces start to approach a ladder.

So we have our tables, we have our story, but there’s one last component missing to make this a truly epic Warmachine and Hordes event. Enter the Plot Twist token. Each player will receive one Plot Twist token at the start of the event. When they chose to spend it the turn timer will be paused and they must explain to the GM (that’s me) any one thing they want to do with it. Like any good RPG it will then be up to the GM to determine how that twist plays out in the game!

You want Lord Carver, BMMD III Esq to take control of the skyship and plunge it into the  ground? You can do that. Do you want your Mammoth to suplex your rival’s Vulcan off the edge of the ship? You can do that. You want Hyperion to overload its Starburst and consume the entire convention in a black hole from which nothing escapes? Okay maybe you can’t do that, but we’ll try to find something that works.

So there you have it; a gripping story, a massive battle, and 16 players with the ability to make up almost any mechanic they can think of? If that sounds like your kind of party join us on Friday, February 7th at 10am for an event unlike anything CaptainCon has ever seen. The event is scheduled for 9 hours to make sure we have enough time for all the madness and we’ll try to work in a nice lunch break somewhere in there. All players of any skill level are welcome, there are no painting or experience requirements; if you just started playing Warmachine then you’ll have the good fortune of up to 7 veteran teammates helping you along so don’t be shy.

A final note. Many of you likely know that the Stormbreak event at Lock and Load also had massive impacts on the story of  Warmachine and Hordes. Our event is not going to have any impact on the story of the game; I am not an employee of Privateer Press, and this is not in any way an official Privateer Press event, though they have provided some support in the form of rules and advice.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you all at CaptainCon 2020! -Chris O


CaptainCon is less than two months away (Damn, I need to get painting!). If you’ve got hankering to teach those Cygnaran dogs a lesson and demonstrate the Empress’ air superiority, you can sign up for the event through the events website. Or if you want to push back the Khadoran advance in name of truth, justice and the Cygnaran way, I guess you can sign up to. Or, you know, just burn ’em all in the name of Menoth. For old times sake.