RQ: Destructotron 3000 & Master Gurglepox

On the one hand, we’ve got a robot, ostensibly with a living soul inside of it, perchance dreaming of electric sheep. On the other hand we’ve got a robot, being ridden by a cackling undead cyborg who spends his time trying to figure out a more efficient way of replacing someone’s lungs with an acid-filled bladder with no safety valve. Let it not be said that Riot Quest isn’t exploring some of the more interesting character concepts in their post-apocalyptic vision of the Iron Kingdoms.

Ah, good ole’ Destructotron 3000. All he wants is peace, love, and the occasional lubrication of his gears. If someone needs to get zapped with his Electro Pummelers to make that happen, well, can you blame him? Five metal pieces mean that Destructotron is not a light model.

Larger than I expected when I saw the concept art, Destructotron 3000 seems almost melancholy in his murdery robotness. I could just as easily see him coming across as Marvin the Paranoid Android or Number 5, as I could see him looming from the shadows as Hector from Saturn 3. Now there’s a movie I should watch again…

NekuraIzou went for a traditional Convergence scheme on his Destructotron 3000. There’s not  much to be said about this trundling death machine other than that it has some ungodly amounts of pew pew, with Disintegrateallowing it to reroll power dice, and Point Blankmeaning rolls two additional power dice against adjacent opponents. That’s three red dice and one blue, rerolling those reds, against a neighbour. oh, and with Aim it rerolls Action Dice too… you know, just in case there was a chance it’d miss…

From the clinically deadly to the bizzarely lethal, Master Gurglepox is a Necromechanik who rides his own damn Deathripper into the fray.

Most of Master Gurglepox is a single piece of resin, with separate components for each leg, two for the Deathripper’s head/jaw, and his left arm and saw are a single component. Assemblyis quick and easy.

I don’t know about you, but when *I* think of bloated necromechanikal lunatics, NekuraIzou is on the list. Well, not really, he’s actually a super nice dude, but still… he painted Master Gurglepox for his Twitch stream, should you be inclined to dig up the video.

Both Master Gurglepox and Destructotron 3000 want to join your Riot Quest crew. Check in with your FLGS or preferred online retailer to get your hands on them, and get hunting that loot!