CaptainCon 2020 and Fundraiser wrapup

Morning, kids! Who missed me? I’m back from CaptainCon and pretending that I’ve recovered from the rush of running our annual charity fundraiser, my shell-shocked rambling through Sunday, and the subsequent day-long drive from CaptainCon back to the Gdaycave. It was a heck of a con, and with many smiles to be had with friends that we only get to see in person once a year, because apparently we haven’t mastered teleportation yet and distance continues to be a thing. The main thing, though, is that thanks to the generous contributions of everyone who provided items for the prize pool and everyone who came to CaptainCon and purchased tickets for the fundraiser, we raised…


This year’s fundraiser was a huge success, and we (ie, Lost Hemisphere and the New England Privateers) are just plain thrilled with the results. I should show you some pics of happy people…

Before I do, I want to make a special note. Amy and Andy – who help with the fundraiser year after year – scored a super sweet brass raffle drum for us to use this year, that can hold approx 2500 tickets. At one point I filled the drum to the brim, so jampacked that the tickets inside wouldn’t even move when the handle was turned, and there were still plenty of tickets that hadn’t made it in. We sold over 5000 tickets in the end…

Alright, Lludu and Shoop didn’t actually win anything, but they DID make a new friend!

Pete K’s number was pulled first, and he walked away with a sweet KR Multicase three-case backpack!

Sam L walked away next with an Infernals army – thereby damning the souls of his local meta.

“Wait… did I just commit to subsisting in a post-apocalyptic, radioactive wasteland where my primary source of protein will be giant irradiated cockroaches??!?”

Thomas and Steven now get to decide who gets the Fulcrum, and who gets the Woldwrath…

The Holloway boys as Protectors? Bring on the Monsterpocalypse!

Mimi understands the value of having Mink the Satyr on a keyring.

We had a total of 73 prize lots in the end, and a lot of happy people taking part.

  1. Secret Avengers hardcovers – James M
  2. KR Multicase backpack – Peter K
  3. KR Aluminium case – John C
  4. KR Card case – Craig C
  5. KR Half case – Emily W
  6. KR Half case – Dozer
  7. Marvel Crisis Protocol – Charles R
  8. Marvel Crisis Protocol – Kent C
  9. Marvel Crisis Protocol – David S
  10. Deadfellas – Craig C
  11. The Agents – Emily W
  12. Luchador – Andy K
  13. Raid & Trade – James G
  14. Doomseeker – Max B
  15. MonPoc Protectors lot- Dozer
  16. MonPoc Destroyers lot – Chris S
  17. Fallout 2 player starter – Dan S
  18. Fallout Raiders lot – Dan S
  19. Void Archon – Les D
  20. Morrowan Archon – Mark S
  21. Thamarite Archon – Seth C
  22. Riot Quest Spawn Gates – Kent C
  23. Riot Quest Treasure Chests – Zara F
  24. Cruicible Guard Assault Troopers – Seth C
  25. Tharsis-5 – Wade V
  26. Pteradax – Sierra W
  27. Nova-ESR – Jeff D
  28. King Kondo – Jeff D
  29. Destructotron 3000 – Seth C
  30. Steelhead artillery lot – Seth C
  31. Glyn Cormier & Vigilants – Joshua M
  32. Infernals army lot – Sam L
  33. Drew Drescher Khador battlegroup – Jason M
  34. Convergence army lot – Art W
  35. Sonia Criid, Avatar of Conflagration – Jim C
  36. Wild West Exodus starter – Robert S
  37. Apple Pie in a jar* – Justin P
  38. Mage Wars – John S
  39. Boffer sword – Willem A
  40. Sedition Wars – Dan S
  41. SDE Super Ninja Ambush – Zosia S
  42. Rivet Wars – Kurt P
  43. Quacks of Quedlinburg – John C
  44. Wrath of Kings Shael Han – Brian S
  45. Mad Masha Dice Tray – Jack P
  46. Project Elite – Kent C
  47. Legion of Everblight army lot – Matt M
  48. Rise of the Kage – Joshua D
  49. Dust lot – James V
  50. Martian Menace army lot – Jim C
  51. Chessex Lost Worlds books – Jacob D
  52. Blinged Out Gubbin – Justin B
  53. Monpoc Donut Building – Jesse H
  54. Circle Orboros army lot – Thomas O & Steven L
  55. The Art of Privateer Press – David P
  56. Mercenary army lot – David M
  57. Vayl, painted by Ron Kruzie – Sam L
  58. Cygnar army lot – David W
  59. Lannister heroes – Chris S
  60. Retribution army lot – Jamie M
  61. CaptainCon history lot – Rob D
  62. Breachstorm lot – Wade V
  63. Breachstorm lot – Brendon C
  64. Super Show: The Takeover – Michael N
  65. Wyrd voodoo doll – Rob D
  66. Wyrd mystery box – Emily W
  67. Breachstorm painted by Dan M – Wade V
  68. SRG Snapback cap – Sam L
  69. No Quarter X & GenCon Ram menus – Joker
  70. Mink the Satyr stuff – Mimi Y
  71. Fruity beverages* – Thomas O
  72. Hoppy beverages* – Stephen R

* Goverment issued ID was checked for all beverage prizes

And when you hand Zara the camera, apparently stuff like this happens…

Thank you again to everyone who made the fundraiser a success! From those who provided prizing to those who purchased tickets, from the peeps who checked in on me to make sure I was taking breaks to the crew who helped with logistics for the draw itself – it wouldn’t be possible without you.

And one final thing – I want to tip my hat to these ladies. The West Warwick Public Library run a Tabletop RPG program to help people get into the hobby, complete with RPG kits you can check out, a Teen RPG Guild, drop-in events and events you can sign up for. Even beyond how cool it is to help people discover the hobby, this is an amazing effort to encourage social interaction in controlled environs that are at the same time beyond the scope of the imagination.

If you’re in Rhode Island, if you’ve ever pondered what it might be like to try D&D or Pathfinder, you have opportunity right here. If you’ve got a story in your head that you want to run, they’re looking for volunteer GMs too. Choose your own adventure…


Thanks for an amazing CaptainCon, one and all. See you next year…