Glyn Cormier, Morrowan Battle Priest and the Thamarite Advocate

Three Humans walk into a bar… promptly declare the entire place to be tainted by Infernals, and burn it to the ground.  Well, that was a quick story, what shall we talk about now? Oh, fine, we’ll talk about the actual three models in question. As the Infernal invasion ravages the Iron Kingdoms, the militant arms of the faiths of the Iron Kingdoms are mobilizing in full, with priests and demon hunters casting aside their age-old enmity with the followers of Thamar, in the interest of, oh, I dunno, the survival of humanity as a whole. It’s a thing. There may be a lesson there for all of us…

First up, the Morrowan Battle Priest and Glyn Cormier.

Of all the deadly women of the Iron Kingdoms, Glyn may be the one you want at your side with the Shriekers come knocking. Well, shrieking. You get the idea. A three-piece model, Glyn is easily assembled and has some bloody amazing wrist strength, given how she’s holding her sword.

Serving the Order of Illumination since her childhood, Glyn has survived the Khadoran invasion of Llael and the Northern Crusade. Now she’s looking to shoot and stab infernals everywhere she goes. I think I’d be remiss to not mention her funky chapeau, and how well the model would be suited to a noble adventurer template for IKRPG. You know, even if she is bedecked in the Morrowan Radiance symbol. I guess not everyone can be a Menite.

While Glyn’s decked out in the best equipment available, the Morrowan Battle Priest has grabbed whatever was at hand, no matter how humble its origin, and is coming out swinging. Two pieces mean he’s even easier to assemble than Glyn.

The angry hermit look – often neglected by the fashion houses of Caspia – is seeing a resurgence now that there’s so many otherwordly horrors just waiting to have their… well, what passes for their heads…  caved in by an unkempt lunatic with delusions of piety.

And then there’s the Thamarite Advocate, embodying the style and class that belongs on a Barovian parapet as she overlooks misty moors. I mean, she’s even releasing a bat. Who is she trying to fool? Regardless, she’s a three piece model, with her arms being the only separate components.

As impractical an outfit as it is considering she’s looking to wade into combat with unspeakable, gibbering monstrosities that hunger to devour the souls of humanity, I can’t deny how beautifully melodramatic this model is.

Glyn, the Priest and the Advocate are all open to your warcaster’s calls for aid as you look to fight of Zaateroth and her hordes. Check your FLGS or preferred online retailer.