WMH: Resolute Souls… the Legion and the Order

As the Infernal invasion causes dramatic upheavals on pretty much every level for the nations of Caen, the best and the worst are brought out of people, weird alliances are forged, and the strangest of bedfellows unite on the battlefield to challenge a common enemy that threatens the future of all humanity. And Iosity, Rhulity, BogTroggity, Trollkinity, so on and so forth. Today we’re opening up some undead avengers, raised by the power of the Witchblade, and Morrow’s magnificent ghost-busting man-o-war…

The Legion of Lost Souls, and the Order of Illumination Resolutes.

The Legion of Lost Souls is a unit of ten… um… legionnaires, I guess. Two of the three grunt poses are armed with halbeds and shields, and three are armed with swords and shields. The unit leader also packs sword and shield. Each holds a weapon in one hand and shield in the other, so there’s no irksome trying to attach a halberd by lining it up with separate arm sockets.

The shield is uniform across the entire unit, so don’t fret about trying to track down the one different shield for the unit leader. The armour design is ostensibly generic, but to my mind there’s a distinct Trencher feel.

My favourite sculpt in the unit, shield taking incoming arrow fire as he prepares to swing the halberd around. As a bonus, you can angle the halberd to contact the belt across the model’s back, allowing for a second point of contact and hence stability once glued in place. As

By comparison, the five man Resolute unit are the shock trooper unit Damiano’s always dreamed of. The Resolutes are packing firearms, ornate blades, and some of the fanciest armour this side of Ord. There are two different grunt sculpts, one with the sword out and the other with the gun.

The unit leader  has both sword and gun, and a separate head so you can angle that topknot as best suits your aesthetic preferences.

Fully assembled, these models look amazing, and will basically outshine any other mercenary model you put on the table in terms of ornate filigree and fanciness. If there was an exorcism neede in my household, I’d be extremely concerned about collateral damage, but with Execrator as a special rule in both melee and at range, meaning extra damage against soulless and undead models, I’m reasonably confident that my home would soon be free of Void Spirits and Soulless Escorts.

While we may be practicing social distancing with the current pandemic, you can still secure some of the niftiness through your preferred online retailer, and check to see if your FLGS is delivering in your area or allowing carpark pickup and the like. Having a few extra models in the house to paint may help make self-quarantine less irksome. Stay healthy, Losties, and remember, it’s not about you. It’s about reducing the potential viral vectors for those with compromised immune systems and other conditions that put them at high risk.