AoS: Pandemic Project Update – The Court Continues

I’m one of those fortunate enough to still be working the ole 9-5 during the COVID-19 pandemic, but The #PandemicProject continues! After last update’s 30 Crypt Ghouls, 3 Crypt Ghast Courtiers and 6 Crypt Horrors, I decided to slot some special models into the schedule. The army will be based en masse once everything’s painted for consistency, so everyone just gets black bases for now, but more progress has been made.

The As Yet Unnamed Court of Hyshian Flesh-Eaters has gained an Abhorrent Archregent, a Varghulf Courtier, and Duke Crakmaw’s Grymwatch. Oh, and I knocked out the Quicksilver Swords endless spell.

After years of no new models whatsoever, the Flesh-Eater Courts received a new battletome and, from the Carrion Empires box, a new Abhorrent. Some Abhorrents go on foot, some ride Terrorgheists, some ride Zombie Dragons. This guy just needs to put some wheels on the back side of his tombstone and he’ll be all set to rip up the skate park.

The Abhorrent Archregent is a beast on the tabletop. Self-healing, able to add d3 attacks to every model in a nearby unit (remember, Crypt Ghoul units can have up to 40 models in the unit…), and able to summon any courtier, a min unit of Horrors or Flayers, or a brand new unit of 20 Crypt Ghouls every turn, he’s damn near an autoinclude. A pricey autoinclude, but an autoinclude nonetheless…

The Varghulf Courtier is… well, not my favourite model. It’s resin rather than GW’s standard styrene plastic, and I just find it kinda ugly, even for a faction that’s full of hideous monstrosities. I -do- like the exposed ribs, and he did give me an opportunity to play with the wings on a larger scale. That said, he’s definitely got utility on the tabletop, able to return serfs (Crypt Ghouls) or knights (Crypt Horrors and Crypt Flayers). His flight can help him get into position, where he gets extra attacks if he has plenty of targets in his vicinity, a boon given that he’s a handy source of Rend with his Dagger-Like Fangs.

The Grymwatch is the Flesh-Eater Courts squad for Warmhammer Underworlds, and – along with the Archregent – the only new sculpts for the army produced since … well, bloody forever. Each model is characterful and unique and while I may not be playing Underworlds, they’re a handy bunch of monster hunters for the army. Duke Crakmarrow can potentially shunt wounds to his squad, and also restore them to the field should they succumb to said shunted wounds. While they may not pack a bunch of Rend – a general weakness in the army as a whole – the entire unit does do extra damage against monsters.

The palate cleanser for this leg of the #PandemicProject was the Quicksilver Swords. Magical effects are always an opportinity to play around with unusual colours, and after working with a massive field of yellow, it was fun to pull out some pink.

The #PandemicProject continues,with 42 more Crypt Ghouls and four Crypt Ghasts, the unit leaders for the Crypt Ghouls (as opposed to the Crypt Ghast Courtiers from the last update, the only difference in the models being their base sizes). Having four Ghasts will allow me to break the 70 Crypt Ghouls (and the two extras) into up to four separate units, though most likely I’ll field them in two or three groups of 20+ each. It’s nice to have options.

I’m pretty happy with the progress as I muscle through these hordes, and the sense of achievement as I complete each block is a real boon, even as I try not to think too hard about how many Flayers and Horrors are on the horizon, and the looming challenge of the Terrogheist and Zombie Dragon…

If you’re hobbying through social distance, let us know what you’re up to! And wash your damn hands.