AoS: Pandemic Project – Flesh-Eater Courts

Let’s talk mental health for a moment, shall we? The world is most definitely not operating business as usual right now. Most of us are experiencing social isolation if not complete lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders. As much as some of us are introverts, the forced lack of social interaction can have a significant effect on our mental well-being. The long-term ramifications are still unknown, and the very uncertainty as to how long this whole thing is going to last is a stressor in and of itself. With that in mind, first, a couple of resources:

Center for Addiction and Mental Health

American Psychological Association

Canadian Mental Health Association

For me personally, a big part of coping with stress and anxiety is feeling productive, and as a tabletop gamer there’s never a shortage of models needing some paint lurking around the Gdaycave. After having a Flesh-Eater Courts army hiding in the shadows for some time now, I decided it was time to get stuck into painting the swarm. No idea what I’m doing for basing yet, but painting away all the grey has been a welcome distraction from the stress and woes of the world right now, and I’m getting closer and closer to being able to field a fully painted ghoul swarm.

I decided awhile back when I sorted out my paint scheme and painted the Charnel Throne, that my court was going to be from Hysh. The Flesh-Eater Courts are all completely bat-sh!t crazy, and think they’re nobles and soldiers in livery (as to monsters eating livers), so to my mind having them from the Realm of Light, convinced they’re actually in the service of truth, justice and Sigmar was perfect. With their being from a realm bathed in radiance, I decided they would all be pale yellows and whatnot instead of the typical ghoulish green. It occurs, with the orange hair, they could also be from Aqshy, the Realm of Fire. Options!

So far there are 30 Crypt Ghouls clambering to attack the foes of their king, who may or may not be tasty. I’m working with a pretty limited range of colours in part to help me get through the army at a decent rate. There are a lot of models in an Age of Sigmar swarm army (Ghouls, skaven, the goblin clans, etc) and it’d be easy to get bogged down in just how many models need paint, so having a comparatively uncomplicated scheme is key to avoiding mental fatigue. Contrast paints, drybrushing and glazes/washes go a long way, as does the modular nature of the models meaning that there are no duplicates whatsoever (at least, so far).

Three Crypt Ghast Courtiers make the Crypt Ghouls deadlier. Each can summon up to six new Crypt Ghouls every turn, and if they kill a foe they inspire nearby Crypt Ghouls, adding an extra attack to each Crypt Ghoul within 16″. Victory goes to he who rolls the most dice! (Seriously, there’s nothing like rolling almost 200 dice for of a single unit of 20 Crypt Ghouls, once you include bonus attacks and rerolls).

Six Crypt Horrors bring some heavy hitting as well as being a tarpit unit. This unit *will* get bigger by the time I’m done the army, I just need to decide how many Crypt Horrors I want to be able to field, as opposed to Crypt Flayers. Joys of model kits that can be built to make either option.

Finally as a palate cleanser, I knocked out the Chronomantic Gears, one of the Endless Spells. After so much yellow and all the bones, it was fun to do some blue and metallics.

I’ve got a lot more Crypt Ghouls to get through yet, alone Horrors and Flayers and the Court’s own endless spells, and sooner or later I’m going to have to tackle a Terrorgheist or Zombie Dragon… but let’s muscle through the hordes first.

While many of us joke around online about “OMG! ALL THE PAINTING TIME!”, for some of us it’s actually playing a huge role in helping us combat the anxiety and depression that seems to be lurking around every corner. You know, like a hungry Crypt Ghoul. Whatever it is you need to do to help you get through this, it’s okay. For me, that’s having a personal project to work on, and feeling like I’m making progress. For you, it may be reading a book, catching up on a tv series, or finally learning how to play the ukelele. Whatever it may be, my dear Losties,  we’ll get through this.

Oh, and if you *are* working on a project? Share it with me! I’d love to see it.