Doing what we can

You’re all self-isolating, right? Only leaving your homes when you actively need to, keeping your distance from others when in public, washing your damn hands, all that jazz? You’re being kind and considerate to others as we all mumble our way through this, you’re being polite and grateful to front-line workers be they EMS and Medical or those otherwise deemed essential, such as grocery providers? As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause all sorts of havoc throughout the world, the measures we need to put in place to flatten the curve, as they say, are at times uncomfortable and for sure inconvenient, but they aren’t to be taken lightly.

As a tabletop gamer who relies heavily on gaming for social interaction, the self-isolation requirements pack a notable sting. I can’t get together with a friend to play Warmachine, I can’t have a buddy over for a painting  night, and the idea of having a handful of pals over for some Dungeons and Dragons, well, that’s just right out of the question – I’d hate for the Gdaycave to become the vector through with the virus was passed only to have it end up infecting someone vulnerable.

One thing that does brighten my day, though, is seeing how the companies we support are doing their part. Offices are reducing staff where possible, or shifting to work-from-home. Products that would otherwise only have been available at special events are being made available online. Funds are being raised and donations are being made. The facility that produces Games Workshop’s paints has been repurposed to hand sanitizer. The workers at Archon Studios (the guys behind the Dungeons and Lasers kickstarter) are working overtime shifts to use their facilities to make face shields for hospitals.

One that Lostie Gramut brought my attention is Artisan Dice’s Operation Corona. They’re selling some gorgeous exotic wood d20’s – made from an assortment of 150 woods from their stable, which includes everything from red river gum and  macassar ebony to bloodwood and bronze age bog oak – with sales of the dice financing the production of face shields for hospitals.

It’s super easy right now to become overwhelmed with everything that’s going on and the changes we’re going through as we try to adjust to this whole schemozzle in order to protect the more vulnerable members of our society, but as Mr Rogers taught us, look for the helpers.

We’re all in this together. We’ll get through it.

Wash your damn hands.