Lock & Load 2020 cancelled

Social isolation and distancing is hard on all of us, especially those of us that turn to tabletop gaming as a social outlet, a coping mechanism, and more. It’s also hard on the FLGS’s who rely on regular custom from their playerbase, and as some logistics services and distributors adjust to the current state of the world (for better or worse – see the current Diamond issues for example), the companies that make the games we love are running into issues too. We saw Adepticon cancelled,  SDCC has been nixed, and earlier this week Privateer Press sadly announced the Lock & Load would not happen this year. You can read the announcement below:


April 20, 2020

As we approach just two months before the scheduled dates of Lock & Load GameFest 2020 with great uncertainty about what the restrictions will be regarding large public gatherings come June, we have made the decision to cancel this year’s event.
To say we are disappointed to have to do this is an understatement. Lock & Load is our favorite event of the year, the event at which we get to spend the most time with our community, and of course, this year, we were to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Privateer Press. But as it’s been for so many other events that have had to follow a similar course, this decision is made in the best interest of our attendees and staff with the expectation that it is also unlikely such events will even be allowed in Washington State anytime soon.
In lieu of our live Lock & Load events, we are now planning a series of events that you’ll be able to experience from your very own home. We’re planning streaming events as well as online previews of the year to come, and we’re moving the exciting narrative event that would wrap up the Oblivion storyline to the Summer Rampage [Home Edition]. We’ll also have exciting prereleases and exclusives available as well so that, even though we can’t all meet up at Lock & Load like we’ve been doing for the past 9 years, we’ll still get to enjoy some of the annual Lock & Load celebration together.
As well, we will be cancelling this year’s Iron Gauntlet World Championship. All player qualifier points will remain and apply towards next year’s Iron Gauntlet finals at Lock & Load 2021. All registered ticketholders will soon receive an email with their refund options. We will sorely miss seeing everyone at Lock & Load this year, but we look forward to 2021, where we’ll be celebrating like Privateer was turning 20 all over again.
Wherever you are, we hope you and yours are safe and well.
Matt Wilson
Chief Creative Officer
Privateer Press

I know a lot of fans of Warmachine and Hordes are bummed, but Privateer – like the organizers of other conventions that have had to be cancelled – are in a no-win situation here, and the only socially responsible option is to cancel the event. Previews will shift from being presented with a panel to video streams, and from the look of things they’re steering the Oblivion storyline to at-home  rather than convention-centric storyline events. We’ll miss the smiling faces and chances to make bee references around Hungerford, but the flip side is, if all goes well, we won’t lose any of our friends in the gaming industry or player community to COVID-19, and we’ll all see each other at events on the other side of all this.

Somber post is somber, but it’s important. Stay safe, practice social distancing,and wash your damn hands. No amount of gaming is worth your life, or the life of someone you hold dear.