MCP: Unboxing Star-Lord

As a long time comic nerd, one of the highlights of my comic reading history was 2006’s Annihilation storyline, and the limited series that went along with it. Aside from it being a cosmic, galaxy-spanning event above and beyond everything that was happening to Earth’s terrestrial heroes during the Civil War, the Annihilation saga took some characters that had to some extent been written off, and turned the spotlight on them. Silver Surfer was the exception, but we also saw series focusing on the Super Skrull, Drax the Destroyer, and Nova.

Drax went from being a moronic hulk variant into the version we all know and love today, Super Skrull revealed his treatment by the Skrull empire after ongoing failure against Earth’s heroes, Nova went from a one-liner to becoming one of the most powerful and capable characters on the cosmic stage, and in the main series, a long-forgotten character by the name of Peter Quill helped form a team that ultimately led to the defeat of the Annihilation Wave.

By long forgotten, I mean that prior to 2004 where he appeared in a Thanos limited series leading toward Annihilation, to the best of my knowledge Peter Quill hadn’t featured in a new story since the 1970’s.

The events of Annihilation put the lost heir of the Spartax empire back on the map, and of course, ultimately this led to one of the best damn movies the MCU: Guardians of the Galaxy. While Atomic Mass Games is producing models for Marvel Crisis Protocol based on the comics, the popularity of the Guardians movie has played a huge part in bringing Quill and his pals into the public eye. I mean, Chris Pratt did an amazing job playing the part as well, I’m sure that didn’t hurt.

That brings us to today. My pals from FLGS Torchlight Games & Hobbies knocked on the door of the Gdaycave earlier in the week and left a little package for me, and today we get to open it up and take a gander.

As the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, no matter what Rocket says, Star-Lord comes with plenty of cards in h is box, including a bunch of tokens and the Power Gem. I’m a little giddy about that last bit.

Card-wise, the Guardians team cards everyone who can use the affiliation, Crew of the Milano lets the team remove special conditions (They’re just so damn resilient!), and Rocket Boots – aside from having hilarious art – grants flight, although not necessarily the ability to safely land. The mission is centered around evacuating civilians, and the Power Gem grants additional power every turn, because the contents are as they appear on the box.

In terms of the sprue, you end up with a handful of spare components. You only need one shoulder pad, you only need one boot rocket, and you only need one of each of the four components that make up the head (left and right sides,faceplate, hair). Yes, the head comes in four parts. Yes, they’re small and a little fiddly. No, they are not at all difficult to assemble. The peg on the back of the faceplate and the underside of the hair align everything perfectly. This isn’t Yan Lo’s moustache. The entire model assembles easily as you follow the instructions, and looks bloody amazing. Behold:

Now, I’m currently working on my #PandemicProject army, but once it’s done, you can bet Star-Lord’s going to be worked into the painting table schedule. I love the character, I love the model, I love that he has “Plucky Attitude” and “Winging It” as abilities that we’ll look closer at once I’ve got paint on the model, but I think it’s safe to say I’ll be looking forward to fielding the  Guardians as a team, especially once the Drax/Ronan box releases…

Torchlight hooked me up with Star-Lord, for which I am very grateful. Is your FLGS weathering the pandemic? Are you able to support them at all? Small businesses are in a tough position through all of this. I encourage you to support them if you can.