A very important commission indeed: The Unicorn

One of the more challenging aspects of social distancing and quarantining that I’m lucky enough not to have to struggle with is somehow helping a handful of small children understand what’s happening in the world, why they can’t go to school, why they can’t see their friends. Helping them continue their education is only a fraction of the challenge, and anyone trying to parent through our current apocalypse also has the joys of trying to entertain and engage little ones during these trying times. So, when a friend of mine approached me and asked for a little help making this happen, how could I say no?

My friend has long been a heroclix fan, and he’s instilled the love of little clicky superheroes in his progeny. As fun as it can be playing with the official figures, there can be a lot of joy in letting imaginations run riot and witnessing the fruits of your children’s mental meanderings. Now, what if your child came up with an idea for a superhero, and you wanted to bring it to life for them?

For those of us who aren’t amazingly talented sculptors, services like Heroforge – normally used for making custom Dungeons & Dragons figures – can be tweaked into making superheroes for you. Thus, The Unicorn came to be.

Print out some pics of the render, hand them over to the munchkin in question, and you get… one of the more challenging aesthetic layouts I’ve ever experienced, but dammit, this was for my buddy’s kid. I was gonna make this happen! A quick purchase of the files, a quick email to my FLGS Torchlight to avail myself of their printing services (the Gdaycave is sans 3D Printer, I have no idea how to use such things) and then it was a matter of waiting for model delivery, leaving the package in quarantine for a few days (can’t be too careful), and then setting to work.

A Space Phantom was popped off its base to give me something to attach the model to, the dial stats can be negotiated between the model recipient and his dad.

What followed was a journey that touched almost every sector of my paint collection, with yellow/orange boots, green greaves, black/blue kneepads, blue pants, pink/purple belt, blue/yellow shirt, purple/yellow gloves, a red cape “like Dr Strange”, and a pink horn. Rainbow mane and tail followed, and a little metallic gold in the eyes. The instructions actually asked for the eyes to be “rainbow swirl”, but I can only do so much at this scale…

The Unicorn will go in the mail soon, and it’s my hope that it’ll meet with approval from its new owner, and that it’ll help make the quarantine a little more bearable in my friend’s household.

Painting continues at the Gdaycave, with the #PandemicProject occupying some significant focus and a few other side projects providing palate cleansers where needed. When was the last time you painted a four story building, that was less than 2″ tall?