AOS: Pandemic Project Update – Taking Flight

The Pandemic Project continues, with a unit of Crypt Flayers and three Courtiers added to the horde. As we get nearer and nearer to the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon being the last models remaining from the Flesh-Eater Courts that infested the Gdaycave still needing paint, I’m finding myself getting distracted by some commission pieces, some Crisis Protocol superheroes, and some Monsterpocalypse models, but for now? Right now? My court has gained a bunch of winged terrors…

The Crypt Flayers add some significant mobility to the list with their flappy deathness, but more importantly, ranged attacks. The Crypt Flayers (and the Crypt Infernal Courtier) are the only infantry in the army that can take out their foes without having to close to melee. Sure, the Zombie Dragon and Terrorgheist also have ranged attacks, but these guys may draw less fire as they close than an enormous undead bat, for example.

They use the same models as the Crypt Horrors as a base, only switching out the arms, so they look like the belong in the family despite the grossly distended fingers and webbing.

The Courtiers are Heroes according to the Flesh-Eater Courts tome. Given their pervasive insanity, they probably think they are too. I’m planning on focusing on the Hollowmourne Grand Court, which lets me field Crypt Horrors as Battleline troops, so I made two Crypt Haunter Courtiers – the Courtier version of the Horrors – and only one Crypt Infernal Courtier to accompany the Crypt Flayers.

The Haunters are literally Horror models with Vargheist heads. GW really double-dipped on the sprue here. The Infernal, conversely, is a Vargheist model with a Horror head. I added the unicorn horn because I wanted it to stand out a little more from the Flayer unit leader.

Since I hadn’t done one yet, I decided it was time for a Family Photo of the #PandemicProject thus far. We’re not done yet, but a -lot- of horrific little yellow cannibals have received paint over the last several weeks so it seemed like a good opportunity to pull out the Metro Morph terrain and set up a small swarm.

The undisputed lord of his domain, the Abhorrant Archregent is just waiting for me to get paint onto some other Abhorrants painted up to join his brood.

The bases remain unpainted for now, as I’m planning on doing the entire army once the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon are done for the sake of consistency.

The Metro Morph terrain may not be Age of Sigmar appropriate (It’s tailor made for Necromunda!), but it did give me multiple levels to set the ghouls up on.

The project continues, and I’m running out of excuses not to muscle up to the Terrorgheist. I have six Crypt Horrors and the Endless Spells, and after that the only non-monster Flesh-Eater Courts model remaining will be a second Abhorrant Archregent, and he’s in the bits box as a model I’m not planning to paint. Progress on the Crypt Horrors will depend on the ongoing Southern Ontario humidity and when I can get them primed.

One way or another, this army has come a long way from the grey plastic ignominy it was languishing in when all this started. It’s played a part in helping me maintain my sanity during lockdown, ironic as that is considering how the entire army’s concept is based on the infection madness of a deranged vampire, but I’m really looking forward to being able to play with a fully painted army. Isn’t that the ideal for tabletop gamers?